Unwrapping God’S Gifts

God has gifts for us wrapped in Love. They are the gifts of His peace and His joy. To receive these gifts, we have to be willing to unwrap them. We unwrap them by being willing to accept His Love. We reach this state of willingness through forgiveness, by being willing to let go of our identification with the belief system of separation and the guilt that comes with it.

Each time we recognize an unforgiving thought, a fear thought, and offer it to the Holy Spirit with willingness to have Him undo it for us, we take another step toward unwrapping God’s gifts. We move closer to accepting His peace and joy that is offered us in every now moment.

His gifts are ever present. We need only unwrap them to experience them as our own. And as we experience them, by their very nature, we are inspired to extend them to everyone, everywhere, always. Today we will practice unwrapping God’s gifts and sharing them with all.
StarWanderer StarWanderer
56-60, M
Jul 9, 2013