How I Know I Am a Spiritual Being

I knew as a young child that I had some connection to the vast universe. I am sure my siblings, and my parents, thought I had serious flights of fancy but I knew in my inner soul, even so young, that I felt something, some inexplicable connection to a faraway place. Especially when I looked at the night sky,  I felt a certain "knowing" and tug towards that "something-somewhere" out there place.

This current journey is part of the whole of my destiny and I am enjoying all the enlightenment that every day brings.


Starwalker Starwalker
70+, F
4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I am glad you are enjoying your journey. Have you accomplished all that your inner spirit wanted to accomplish while here? Are all of your trials and hurdles behind you? I too am lucky to know what my spirit wants to accomplish in human form, yet those damn hurdles and tests that have their reason stump me sometimes, at other times I conquor them or pass them easily. It is all part of the process, I wish I did enjoy all of the assets of my journey/quest. I do look at the hurdles as a challenge and welcome them to some extent, because the joy will come again when I can travel further down my spirits chosen path.

So as a 70+ lady, how has it been thus far?<br />
<br />
I am most definitely interested as sometimes i think that the more truth i am the less reason there is to even experience this. I mean the closer i get back home the closer I am to this journey's end. Or maybe it doesn't end huh? I guess not. I guess it simply is a process, a reflection. I am simply acknowledging the truth of I from this view; this physical human view!

You are obviously well grunded within your being having such experiences from such a young age. May your spirituality keep you going forward so many others may find their own flame in the light of yours!

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