The Catholics

I am a member of the Catholic church. I went to a catholic school. Of course when I was between 14 and 17 I had a phase of bad rebellion when I just hated the catholic church and God cause they surrounded me everywhere.

Then -you may believe it or not- I felt that there was something happening to me. I felt like God touched me and wanted to make me see something like... "I have never lost my love for you, tho you lost your love for me, I'm still here with you to help you and I will carry you on whatever you think of me". And I started believing in God again. I just felt that he was there. It was magical.

But there are so many things that I still hate about the church. I am bisexual, I am in love with a woman. So now... do they tell me that God doesn't like me any longer as long as I'm in love with a woman? Or because I don't go to church every week? Or because I never eat fish cause I'm a vegetarian? Or because I think that everyone should use condoms? If I think of what the church says... it gives me the creeps really. Cause I still feel loved by God although I'm a sinner in the church's eye... I just hate that religious ****. But I love God. And I just can't believe that he cares about these stupid rules that the church makes!

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I was baptized and raised catholic. Do I agree with all their teachings -No- I don't agree with all of any religions teachings for that matter but I do believe in God I pray to him everyday and every time I feel like I need that extra strength. I feel like churches have kinda of lost their way preaching their beliefs and looking down on other people that seem less Holy the they are' but I bet half of them don't practice what they preach. I say who cares about what a church has to say as long as you feel like your right with the Lord that's all that matters.

AMEN sister friend!!!!