The Number 111

I keep seeing the number 111. I am a spiritual person who believes everything in life is for a reason. I also believe that I am on a very 'already laid out' spiritual path.
I have been looking for a job and have been feeling pretty low recently.
I applied for a job yesterday, and got a call for an interview today. The bus that goes to the place is the number 111. Last night I sat up in bed for no reason and looked at clock, yep... you guessed it- 1: 11am!
I kept seeing that bus to the interview and on the way back!
Thats not all.....
The place was called Wyvern and I received an email from a model agency, the address being 111 wyvern....!
I have read it up and it says that doors are opening for me. Wow.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I should see if the meaning is true if boss calls me up for trial period..... watch this space x

jellybean07 jellybean07
1 Response Mar 11, 2009

i hope you have by now have the job you love .