I seek spiritual balance, that wonderful ability to not get dragged down by the petty things in life. To keep your head above water and to always be able to hear the symphony of your mind, heart and soul. When you can do that: feel it, hear it, know it and love it - it's like a single brilliant radical conductor bringing your entire vessel into an orchestra. There's nothing like it. I've had what I call 'Moments of Infinity' - where I'll just be sitting on a park bench and just getting totally lost in my inner orchestra for that moment. Appreciating and taking in the sounds and the sensations, the warmth of the sound, the twittering of the birds. Such a beautiful feeling of total bliss. It's the best natural drug on the face of this planet. If you ever still yourself enough to hear it - you'll never want to leave.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I know this music!

The beauty of the Idle moment.

What a beautiful description. I too have experienced those moments, fleeting though they are.