Spiritual Warrior: The Responsibility Of A Family

please help my curiosity. does the path of spiritual warrior entail us to abandon our family as we seek to find our calling? isnt our family/children, spouse part of the “lessons” put on our path that we have chosen for this life time? have we chosen it or has it been chosen for us? what is our sole responsibility here? thank you
Muhumuza Muhumuza
31-35, M
2 Responses May 14, 2012

Good luck

Your path of a spirit warrior is a philsophical sacrifice but not a physical one. Your family is needed to care for you and to keep you happy, No warrior can be one unless they are happy with the idea of being a warrior. What good is a warrior who hates every aspect of being one? Find balcne between your lives and see the apth it will open. Seek and find it. The path will not betray you. IF you need further advice ask me.