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I'm an author constantly looking for answers to a dream I had as a child,a dream I had hundreds of times. In this dream I stood at the steps of this huge white building I equate to ancient Greece. Grand, white marble, pillars, the whole nine yards. People walked in and out of this building. I stood there as the only child in the group. I was always too afraid to go into this building, instead speading my time outside people watching. Then the dream changed, after several uneventful nights there a man came up to me in this dream. He told me that this place held all of our knowledge. Everything we know and will ever know is inside. He told me it was our right to enter this place when we were ready. As in, when we lived enough lives to understand our origins, our birthrites. I never had the guts to ever enter, instead opting to take conversations with this man nightly. It seemed to go on for years and I barely remember the conversations. I recall a math he showed me, explaining life was vibrations, tones and math. He dubbed these the elements of the elements.

Later in life, I found a passion for writing. I started with a few novels I thought the general public would like, thriller, horror, fun fiction. Then I decided to jump into subjects I am truly passionate about. I then wrote "Shattered Destiny" which is based on what I believe I would learn in that building. It is one of a million theories I have about our conversation. I could never tell it as truth, but I could entertain with my theories. The problem is, people read it as a great story not a deep meaning issue.

Now, honestly, I am an author and make my life entertaining with my writing, but that is not what this is about. As I work through reincarnation, alternate realites and the like in this book, it comes to a dramatic end. What I believe to be or could be part of my truth. I would love for you all to read my novel and write me personally with what you think AND MORE IMPORTANTLY I want you to give me your ending to the book. Once you read it, you'll understand mine. I need to hear yours. It will enlighten me and maybe even spawn the next adventure for me to write. The book is available at champagnebooks.com and is called "Shattered Destiny" my name is Rick Giernoth and when you are done with it, tell me your story. rickgiernoth@yahoo.com

If you think others might be interested in helping my endevour, please pass it on. Thank you.
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I believe that your recurring dream are about your awakening and your fear of receiving/accepting the message(s) that you do not yet understand. Because you chose to remain on the outside instead of looking within to unlock the answers/messages for what is going on in your waking life, it continues to get your attention towards where you are supposed/meant to be in your life. Thus, the reason for the man who comes out to talk with you in your dream. Do not be afraid to look within. Stop waiting for the answers to come to you from outside. Everyone's 'truths' vary and are received in direct proportion to what they give towards it. I believe the purpose of your dreams are for your deep spiritual awakening. I encourage you to take steps towards unlocking what has been needing desperately to be revealed to you. It is time.

The rest of this comment is lengthy, so get comfortable to read on.

Perhaps if you understand more about what many dreams can contain. They have messages that have a purpose to teach something about yourself. Its common that after waking up we tend to quickly forget what we dream about. However, in recurring dreams the message may be so important/powerful to be unlocked within that it keeps coming back. Repetition of a same dream forces one to pay attention so to confront the dream about what is it that it is trying to tell you. It is also common for such dreams to be nightmares or frightening in some way. Its what helps us to pay attention and address them.

Recurring dreams are common and often triggered by a particular life situation, transition in life, or a problem that keeps coming back again and again, or perhaps a traumatic experience. Whatever the frequency, very little does the dream change in variation, like the content itself. The dreams usually emphasize upon either a weakness, inability to cope with something life changing whether its from your past or present. Pay attention to the patterns in your dream as usually patterns reveal some very valuable information about yourself. It may be uncomfortable if pointing to a conflict/situation in your waking life that still needs to be resolved/settled, some kind of important message locked in your unconscious that needs your attention now to be understood. Usually though seemingly stemming from something negative, reaps more positive in one's purpose in life.

You have taken the first steps already. It takes curage to openly write about it. The 1st step towards beginning to understand your dream is the willingness to accept change/undergo a transformation of some type. Then 2nd look within yourself to address whatever you may find no matter how difficult it may be. 3rd it seems you're trying to look at your dream objectively. That's a great approach to help get pass emotions that may arise and lead to reactive impulses, and get down to the symbolic images, as such emotions can cloud the message contained in your dream. Dreams are many times masked by disturbing elements that prevent us from reaching deeper into the meaning. It is a natural defense mechanism that our unconscious puts up. 4th I've learned to write the dream down every time I have a recurring dream, getting it all down in detail as soon as I wake up. I can then look and compair for any subtle variation(s). You may find it interesting how variations although subtle can be quite significant. They are indicators that you are one step closer to understanding why the dream keeps recurring and the underlying message that you need to learn. 5th pay attention to what is going on in your waking life when your dream recurs. Write down what is going on in your waking life to look if you notice a pattern(s). 6th do be patient should you try these steps, even when getting discouraged if these dreams still recur even after you thought you have come to understand them. There must be something still to unlock/know. 7th learn to accept your real self truly. The one who you really are within. Not what you see in the mirror each day, yet the one whom you are within and have always sensed since you were very young, even perhaps since birth.

When you discover the message your recurring dream is trying to tell you, know the purpose of these dreams can either change or disappear. Acceptance is key to serenity. It is the answer to finding our way back to peace. Add meditation to all this and help heal frustrations, fear, of everything both positive and negative of your life and as you navigate through your life, and open to the gift of serenity you will find, it is what it is. Because the this world is of the physical and the material, remembering who you really are can take time. The purpose/promise is that no matter what may come your way, you are ready. It is how well we handle ourselves gracefully that is important in how well our lives flow much more with ease. I believe it is each individual's responsibility to truly come to know themselves, to remember who we really are. I can tell you by my own experience that as your consciousness unlocks more and more, you can enable yourself to take practice daily in something far greater than yourself. Some become stewards and others become educators. You will be excited, perhaps even blissfully aware of others you can then recognize who are also very much awake, and who are unafraid to shine out from within. The best way I have personally come to experience this all is to have courage, accept, take daily practice in positive virtues by actions unconditionally. The list of positive virtues is long, so I take my pick. Humility, gratefulness, gracefulness, simplicity, patience, loving-kindness, etc.

My wish for you is that you continue upon your life's journey by treading your own path, unlock all the answers you need to along the way, accept them and take practice great virtues as you get to know who you really are.

For me, I know I am a spiritual being having a human experience. What that means to me... well that is a whole story too.

In loving-kindness, and many blessings to you - from AceofPentacles

Sounds like a form of astral projection. As children our abilities are at it's strongest and we are more open to information. I would love to give you a more logical explanation, but I do feel spiritual energy around this. This place that was represented to you, was probably what you envisioned heaven to be and it sounds like he was explaining that heaven is not above but within. The teachings itself is very mystical in nature and is follows the flow of a mystic's path. These are teachings of self, of the soul and understanding the connection between within your soul and the world around you. I do feel he is crossed over and was sent to set you on a specific course in life. He does feel human. Some would call him an "ascended master" but most mystic's don't really believe in accession, moreso ,walking the path of the soul and not moving up but moving within for greater knowledge. I am also going to assume that you have also had other spiritual experiences with spirits, many not crossed over, you may have also been afraid of the spirits that came. I am picking up alot of confusion, but you feel that the answer to this dream holds the key to what you are searching for. The knowledge shared was not to give you knowledge but to help you find the tools to access this knowledge. You will not find knowledge in books, but within yourself. Astral projection happens to some when they are sleeping. There are different theories behind it, however, each person will experience this their own way, and this truth also needs to be discovered within for it is how YOU experience it. The key is within, the compass is that which is within, your passions, your desires, the deepest parts of the soul. Look there and you will find what you seek. I'm sorry this is vague, but this journey is meant for you to discover yourself. It is not something that can be explained, ut something experiences. The path of the Mystic's is a lonely path, yet filled with much knowledge and wisdom. One last thing. The gift of projection consists more then just astral projection. I'm assuming you have this gift as you travel in between the veils. Becareful with this gift, for much of what is projected is more then thought and feeling, and often does manifest. You will not find much information on this gift, but start with the basics, astral projection, thought projection (telepathy) and emotional projection. I hope this helps. Angel

Thank you, Angel. I never thought of it as a possible projection thing and I certainly never thought of a Mystic path in it, but I really appreciate this insight. It is another, possibly greater, notion in my already "what if" path.
Sidenote: I actually did study astral projection some years ago, the meditative state of release. The only thing I felt was a great vibration in my head and then a falling into my bed. These I contributed to things I read and I don't know that I took them seriously. I also recall seeing one eye at that moment, but again, these were things I read about so I could have "initiated" them myself without realizing it.
That seems to be my greatest downfall, rationalizing and not believing more. In this way, I fear if the truth stares me right in the face, I will explain it away. I am sure in time, I will find what I need and I thank you for helping me get there.