Soo Spoiled

I like being spoiled. Its fun. My parents give me whatever i want whenever i want. I just eat ice cream all day, but am not fat. I have 106 appartements, 65 cottages, 94 mansions. I just eat pizza and burgers and fries and coke and ice cream for dinner. I get new designer jeans and shirt and converses each day. My parents spent 10 mil on me one day. I have unlimited freedom. Life is fun. Im glad im not one of these nonspoiled rats. i only hang out with the spoiled kids, but im the most popular
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7 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I agree with hitmonfan481 and ur most likely lying and when u get in the real world ur going to end up in a & e cose u were bragging a nd someone mugged/ kidnapped/ you and smashed ur ( apparently ) sexy face into the pave ment and screwed it up !I know I would !

your dumb. your obviously and ugly dumb loser whos FAT and gross. Don't lie no guys line up to kiss you you pizza face

Obvious troll is obvious<br />
Try harder

WOW you sound like a stupid ***, who when its time to leave the house and get a job won't be able to survive it in the world and will live in a cardboard box...CONGRAGULATIONS

oh yeah im the most popular and sexy guys line up to kiss me but i say pi ss off i fake bake so i have like a nice tan im blonde and a babe hehe life is good and im gonna spoil my kids just like me and not teach pls and thank yous and i have no table manners

I ******* love it! my grand daughter is like you very spoiled and gets her way alot. I love ur gonna spoil ur kids like you and not teach pls and thank yous, again just like my grand daughter! lets talk sometime. add me.

And im really slim

yes, im a huge brat. ill scream and swear if i dont get it. i just take advantage of my parents. theyre more like slaves than parents. i dont talk to them- other than yelling for something. i never say thanks. no im not fat. so you all suck whose not spoiled rotten