I Get What I Want...

I get what I want, when I want - and if I don't - watch out.  It's that easy.  I like being spoiled.  It's fun.

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7 Responses Nov 29, 2006

if my family were your parents they will kick your @$$.

People like you are pathetic. And SOMEDAY you will KNOW what the word "NO" means. Even if YOU are thr one SHOUTING it when some fed up person is directing their FIST at your upturned too-good-for-every-thing-yet-good-for-nothing snout! Spoiled brats are USELESS.

awesome, its soo fun bein spoyled! i also get what i want, keep it up. today i got a house im 14(yes my own) a speedboat and a dimond ring. see how mutch u can get ur rents to spent on you in one day

I am interested in how you got this way. can you explain please? like, did your parents always give you what you wanted, and can you remember (or ask them) at what age this started? Are the things you ask for / want always expensive and you parents well-off or rich? Can they afford to keep up with your desires or do they put everything on credit cards?<br />
I really want ot know....

I disagree, I think that Whoopins should be givin to spoiled people whenever they think they can get away with something. And there is PLENTY wrong with being spoiled. I have a cousin who is an adult now and she is still a spoiled little *****, who has a baby. She always puts herself before her baby or anyone else and it causes alot of resentment and problems for everyone else. Spoiled brats should be disciplined. And, it's true you cant be that way forever or you will run into the wrong person who will crack you in the face and make you see how ugly you are from the inside out.

I think you should have a WHOOPIN only if you want it. And only when you want it. There's nothing wrong with being spoiled as long as you can get away with it. The problem is you can't do it forever. But enjoy it while you can.

you need a WHOOPIN!! do you throw temper tantrums??