I'm Called Spoiled By Everyone I Know

Ok I have been spoiled for as long as I can remember. Both my mom and dad have always given me what I want just by asking. I'm 15 now and I have had 9 phones 5 being everyone iPhone since the original, I have an iPad 2 and 3 and a kindle and and all 4 gen iPod touches as well as the nano and shuffle. My parents are divorced but at both houses I have plasma computers tv and I have huge dock speakers at both(both Bose) I also have memory foam bed and pillow and ps3 at both houses in my room. I also have had beats solo hd special edition and beats studio and my parents have top of the line model cars. Last year I took a 7 day cruise to Paris italy and Spain for my confirmation gift and I get a 30$ allowance every week for doing nothing from both parents. I've also had a MacBook pro wii and Xbox at both houses. Every new season i get a whole bew wardrobe of clothes usually aroujd 500$ every time and my perents never tell me no.I get my first car in a couple months and most of my friends pareens r spending 5,000$ but my parents are Spending up to 15 grand bc I asked. My dad also has a mini yacht with bathroom kitchen family room heat ac and was bought new.(but all I want to know is am I as spoiled as I sound. Even though it sounds crazy I am so used to getting what I want that if I ever get told to wait I get depressed without it and don't talk to my parents, till they buy it.
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Cool, enjoy it man and be grateful :)

I have never heard of a story like tht