How Being Spoiled Has Effected Me

Im a girl who gets angry if I don't get my way. Everyday i have asked constantly for new things cuz when I buy something new it feels old the next day. My parents r very chill and laid back so they never care cuz they have the high class jobs tht other kids parents dream to have. I may not see them to often but who cares I have my iPhone 4s iPad 3 hottest fashion clothing and gold jewelry, kids jst adore me and I usually am never alone I'm either partying or buying more stuff. but whenever I get tht extremely rare no I get angry and do everything to get them to say yes it usually takes 5 secs bc I'm the boss in my family I love my life I mean who wouldn't. I have been to many places around the world like Paris Spain France California Asia and the Bahamas which is my favorite place to be. I have been on only high class cruise lines and only fly in first class plane seating. I have 4 dog 6 cats 1 dolphin and 1 pony. Cuz no house like mine is complete without One anyway my life is perfect unlike everyone else's and I have 3 butlers and 4 maids cuz I'm not a worker and I have always had the best in every category wether its technology clothing house wise car wise no one can top me and anyone who tries to will never stand a chance bc I may not be famous but I do have the rich qualities of it and I'm obviously spoiled
Jaylow126 Jaylow126
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 2, 2012

Lady you're parents ruined you 0-0