Have Been My Whole Life. ...

Have been my whole life. Sad I didn't know it when I was younger. I thought my parents hated me and loved my brothers better. The fact is they did love me and spoil me the most. They gave me the most responsablity because they knew I could handle it better and wanted better for me. With this they taught me the most and made me learn how to do it for myself and really that is what spoiled is. Not having someone do it all for you. But showing you how to do it so you know that you can do it yourself. Oh my goodness me and my husband would of been in a load of trouble if my parents would of spoiled me. We would have had to go to the familys for dinner everyday and our clothes would be destroyed and we would be poorer than we are now. My husband does spoil me beucase he helps out and loves me . Most people think its the materials that spoil but it is the love and respect that spiol me and I wouldn't have it any other way.
LauraLDS2003 LauraLDS2003
22-25, F
May 8, 2007