How To Strengthen Your Heart, Loosen Joints And Reduce Stress
A 10-Minute Dynamic Tension Exercise

From my own experience this particular exercise - combined with proper breathing and slow, muscle-tension movements - can help with the anguishing pain of arthritis.. I also found this workout useful for increasing limb mobility, strengthening the heart, loosening joints and diminishing stress.

I had been practicing Karate for over 15 years until I realized that this type of martial arts did not fit to my body language. I could not even put my opponent down even in several blows, kicks and punches. I finally subscribed to the fact that Karate could have been especially devised for people who have an inborn strength that could be hardly gained from daily routine exercises, "makiwara" or punching bags blows. As the Karate practitioners said, "it must be a one-killing blow".

I do not discredit Karate as one of many powerful Martial Arts. It just so happened that I was not gifted with robust body complete with big knuckles and arms to make a man down in one single blow. I am simply weakling by nature with a frail body built and small little fingers to deliver a hard punch to knock out my opponent.

I made further research trying to find out what martial arts could really put me in shape. Until I came to learn about the Jeet-Kune-Do that really changed my views. It was an exercise which involved swift movements and lightning speed, and I do most of the push-ups exercises a hundred of times daily. One of the exercises I inclined to be my most favorite (I execute it with inhale and exhale breathing during the entire movement), is the Dynamic Muscle Tension Exercise.

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