Proud To Be A Squirter

Started squirting several years ago by accident. I always felt someting was missing with sex. I never felt relaxed afterwards. I was tense, as if I wasn't finished even though I had an ******. The night it first happened I didn't know what was going on but it felt great! It was so intense the stream hit the ceiling fan!! What a relief it was! And I felt like one of the guys too-----I totally crashed afterward and still do, everytime!!
hellokitty2006 hellokitty2006
46-50, F
5 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Thats great! I'm the same way... and if I squirt hard and far, I wanna pass out after.

I agree with you totally as my ******* always left me feeling like there was more built up inside of me until I started to squirt-- it does help let all of the tension out and leads to a good night sleep, rather than tossing and turning with that "not done" feeling.

I love a squirter. If I can taste it it is even better.

That is impressive, did you squirt during ************ or was someone playing with you? I'd love to help my wife squirt, how do i go about it?

Hit the ceiling fan! Wow. I am impressed. That would be a sight to behold. I'd enjoy being in the line of fire too.