I Believe- Through Empirical Evidence- That 'squirting Exists' And I Squirt!

I've always been a sensual person- multiple ******* are simple and not that hard to achieve however, the notion of 'squirting' is something I'd researched and determined that it may not even be a true phenomenon. So rare was it supposed to be that I felt that I couldn't possible be one of the rare few who claimed such 'supra-orgasmic' potential. I just discovered- quite by accident- that I am, indeed, a 'squirter' and I know, for a fact, that the copious quantities of liquid that emerged came from my vaginal region- and no where else.

I was layig back on my bed ************ with my smaller toy- I'd earlier done so with my larger toy, and while laying on my bed- alowly adjusting the controls increase in intensity and make me come. Right before I'd begun to come- and seconds afterwards I did come- I felt warm liquid gush over my fingers where I'd just inserted my toy. Being so close to ******, I didn't want to stop so I quickly finished it off.

While panting for breath, and curious about this 'liquid' (I didn't THINK I'd had to pee!), I got off my bed and noticed a large, WET SPOT!! Well, for once, this happened while by myself so I investigated- I smelled, tasted, and nope- it was definitely not urine. Plus, I know where the urethra is located, and it didn't come from there so- I guess, by virtue of independent empirical evidence, it must be true- that squirting is a valid phenomenon and that is something I do.

The first time I was 'aware' of 'squirting', I was sitting on my boyfriends face while he was sucking my **** and making me come repeatedly- he'd inserted his fingers and was gently tapping that super-sensitive spot inside me often called the 'G-spot' in the literature. I felt liquid gush and aborted my ****** prior to fully writhing on his face as I was embarrassed (yeah--me!), thinking I must have peed on his face! Since that instance- several years ago, I'd been careful to do such things as pee before sex. Go figure! There is nothing I can do to avoid this- outside of experiencing a less fulfilling ******.

Now knowing that the liquids are perfectly safe (yeah, yeah- you watersports fans- I'm well aware of the creed suggesting that if what comes out the front is fine, the rear not so much). I don't participate in such sports. I support anyone's right to do whatever they want in a sane, safe and consenting environment- just not my thing. Yet, I now know for a fact that I 'squirt' and - guess I now have to explain that to my guy. Hope he's okay with it!
CagedKitty CagedKitty
36-40, F
Jul 26, 2010