I'm Dating a Squirter

The gal I'm with right now just recently discovered she was a squirter. Wow talk about enhancing your sex life! She is very multi orgasmic and sometimes can *** just from nipple play. MAking her squirt is like a real turnon because we can play for a long time before I really take her over the top. She ******* so hard when she squirts it makes her almost pass out! We jokingly call it rodeo sex cause it really gets wild! Guys learn where your ladies G spot is and stimulte both her **** and G spot at the same time and she will squirt! It will freak ya out the first time but trust me its the bomb! If your having oral tho make sure she warns ya!  

magicwolf magicwolf
51-55, M
2 Responses Apr 26, 2009

Its the best feeling ever

Ok,now I really got to try this!