Maybe It's Not That Bad?

On facebook I posted a link on a friends page and a guy commented on it. His comment was funny and it seemed like he had a sense of humor that I could relate to, so I friend requested him and he accepted. I talked to him a couple times online, tried to get to know him but he didn't seem very enthused or even interested, so I stopped trying. But I still look at all of his pictures, read all of his statuses, and look at the pages of the girls who comment on his statuses, links, photos, and whatever else on his page. I saw him several times in person at school but was always too nervous to say anything even though I knew it was him and he knew it was me. He didn't say anything either. Eventually I introduced myself to him and we spoke for about 30 seconds. I haven't seen him in person since then and that was months ago, but of course school is out. Often when I think about future social situations, I imagine him being there and I plan what sort of things I might say to him or say near him so that he might get interested. I am seriously considering getting my friend to have a party and invite him so that I can talk to him in a social setting, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea. The thought makes me nervous and I'm worried that I'm going too far. Also, since school is out for the summer I don't have anything to do and I don't have many friends at home, they live all around the state so I feel like I have nothing better to do than think about him. Am I a stalker or am I just occupying time?
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thinking rationaly, is it possible the reason you haven't seen him since, because he's been avoiding you? just a thought.

I wouldn't say you're a stalker... that just a meaningless vocab. word. i understand you completely. i was once in your shoes. I had a crush on a girl who used to be a great friend of mine back in those high school years. When you like someone so much, is like their stuck in you head because something about that person sometimes words can't explain itself why you like the person, you know?You sit and wonder how on earth happen? it's a strong thought that keeps you from just going thorugh that persons belongings and know more about that person personal life status backgroud, and where they come from. You have a crush on that person and perhaps maybe he's too shy to talk to you because he knows how you feel about him. For him could be a good thing or bad thing. But give him time to come up to you, don't jump all over him that quick. It takes time and time will let you know if he's the right significant other for you if not... don't take it too personal. You're young and naive. Find someone that maybe is in the same shoes as you who are madly into you that you may never discovered yet.<br />
Don't ever consider yourself a stalker. Geez, I remeber that I was labeled one for the same reason that relates to you story. Keep your head up high! :)