Think About Her Every Day

About seven years ago I broke up with my HS / College girlfriend. We had been together for four years, each others' first loves, etc., had lived with each other for a couple of years in college. Looking back we were a very intense and serious couple. We talked a lot about the children we would have, about growing old together - I suppose this is normal stuff for two people in love to talk about, but at the time it seemed like we had an incredible special relationship.

We had a lot of problems that developed as we went from being teenagers to adults. I have struggled with being controlling and critical of my partners, and that was certainly the case there. In a lot of ways I think I was dealing with my parents ongoing separation and divorce by lashing out in my own relationship. I knew that I didn't want to be with her in the long-run, but I had convinced myself that she was my soul-mate and it took a very long time to finally bring myself to break up with her.

At first I was relatively proud of the clean-cut way that we broke up. I say proud because I thought it was the healthiest thing I could do. Even though I cried practically ever day, constantly talked about her with my friends and secretly hoped we would meet, I only contacted her two or three times over the next six months.

Things started getting weird when I forgot her birthday. I knew she wanted me to call her on that day, because when I called a day late her brother hinted that she was really upset that I hadn't called. About six months later I wrote her an e-mail saying I wanted to talk, and she responded that she would be happy to. Then I called her house, and since she wasn't there I spent some time talking to her brother, who I thought was a cool kid and I wanted to sort of wish him well since I knew we probably weren't going to be see each other again. (I can see how you might think I was being delusional here, and that I was just trying to ingratiate myself back into her life - I'm honestly not sure which it is, but I really did just feel like it wasn't cool to be a part of this kids life through his sister and not at least wish him the best when we split).

Either way, the fact that I talked to her brother made her very upset, and she called off our chat. I was pretty devastated by this - I had really been looking forward to the chance to talk to her, but wanting to respect her wishes I didn't challenge it, and didn't try to contact her again until her birthday, thinking that would have been a good time. When I tried to call then, she refused to take my call.

Angry at the rejection, I wrote her a nasty e-mail that continues to haunt me. I said some pretty mean stuff, including stuff that wasn't true, like that our physical relationship had gotten bad. I also accused her of being a hypocrite - although about what I'm not really sure.

Over the next four or five years I wrote her an e-mail maybe once every six months or so - sometimes sort of snide, but mostly apologetic. She's never written me back. For the most part I've just told her that I'm sorry for the way I broke up with her (which at this point I'm not sure if I really did anything wrong).

For the longest time I carried a lot of anger - maybe I still carry it, which is why I'm writing this post. I felt as if she should acknowledge my presence, at least tell me that it's okay that we broke up - that she's happy where she is. I was angry that she could have gotten so close to me, even discussing kids, and then utterly shut me out of her life. The craziest part was that I was angry at her for shutting me out, even though I was the one who broke up with her!

I sent one last e-mail about two years ago. Basically I told her that she would always have a special place in my heart as my first love, and that although I had moved on and was happily married I would never really be over her. Kind of *****-up right?

The problem is, recently we both moved to the same neighborhood (completely randomly), and I am TOTALLY PARANOID that I am going to run into her on the street. I feel like I have sort of have become a stalker. I've never tried to call her, or spy on her, or do any of that stuff, but I think about her constantly, like every day multiple times. My biggest fear is that I will meet her on the street, and she will accuse me of being crazy. I don't even know what I would say to her - it seems like there is nothing I would be able to say.

Before this, I read Serik's post, and his response to his own post helped me out quite a bit. He pointed out that there is a line dividing stalking and harassment. While my e-mails would probably constitute harassment, I am not a stalker. I actually consider myself a rational well-adjusted emotionally mature human being, with this ***-ed up thing that I always worry about.

I'm planning on seeking therapy as soon as my health insurance kicks in and my schedule normalizes. I know this is something I need to talk out with a professional listener who will ask the tough questions. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to get this off my chest. Much appreciated.
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Jul 14, 2010