Why Is This Happening?

I'm a 22 year old female. Last month I met a 34 year old man at a bar across the street from where I live. Somehow he talked me into leaving with him... We didn't have intercourse, but we did get sexual. We were both very drunk, but frankly, it wasn't bad. The next day I found myself BACK at the bar looking for him... he texted me for a while, but when I asked him if he wanted to do it again, he said no. I've been stalking him ever since. Well, not really stalking... more like torturing him with my silent presence. I know where he lives... I thought about going there, but no. I just go to the bar and sit there. I ignore him, but he knows why i'm there. Sometimes he flaunts women in my face, other times I flaunt men in his. I catch him staring. Everytime I catch him he smiles and looks away. I think he's done this before. When he sits around me and my friends I say loud, obnoxious things about him like "Some people are soooooo fake", except it's very subtle because I don't use his name. I got his license plate number and now I'm paying for a report. I want to know everything about him. I feel like i'm not happy unless he is in my presence. His friend told me that he mentioned me... and that he had sex with me, even though that isn't true. I want to know why he lied. I've started working out everyday and losing weight because I want him to regret rejecting me. I went out and got new clothes and everything. I've spent so much time thinking about this man that I had to drop out of my summer college classes, because if not I would have failed them. i broke up with a potential boyfriend because I needed more time to devote to this stranger. I don't know when this game will stop, but I'm getting sick of it. I'm not going back for a week or so, but when I do I know exactly what will happpen. We will resume the staring, the ignoring/avoiding, the flaunting, and these petty games. Then again he's a petty person. I am absolutely obsessed with this man.
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It sounds like you're more obsessed with the guy, and enjoy making him feel uncomfortable with your presence. You just gotta stop before it gets even more out of hand, it's over something really petty and stupid.

STOP NOW BEFORE YOU'RE ARRESTED IDIOT. sorry if it's harsh, but you need to know that your conduct is unwanted and could possibly instill fear in him. you're stalking him. literally. so stop.

the chick im stalking has flaunted guys infront of me

You were right, it was the beginning of something. I'm making a follow up right now. Check it out.