Update: Why Is This Happening?

Just wanted to give an update... I wasn't able to stop stalking him for a week like I wanted to. I went to the bar last night, and the night before last I went there, but just sat in the parking lot and waited for him to leave. I felt as if that were progress. Anyway, the night before last I stole his number from a mutal "friend" with no intent of calling him... I just wanted more random information. As previously stated, he had given me his number the night after our encounter, but I was so enraged at the fact that he rejected me that I erased it. Anyway, last night at the bar I saw him sitting alone, so I got some random guy and flaunted him in his face. A few hours later he was still alone, so I said "what the hell" and texted him after a month of silence. To my surprise he texted back... and we left together. He said that he rejected me that night because he was "drunk." He also LIED and said that he didn't tell anyone that we fooled around... This man is a pathological liar. Anyway, I couldn't resist him. Last night we had the most mindblowing sex I've ever had. Then we did it again this morning. I told him I don't want a relationship.... What I didn't tell him is that this isn't over. I want him to beg for me and I probably won't stop until he does. I searched his house while he was asleep... I looked for ANYTHING that might have his name on it. I have no idea what his last name is, and I need that information to find out whether or not he is married. I figure I'll lay low for a week or so. Instead of going into the bar I'll just hang out in the parking lot in my friend's car and watch him secretly as he hangs out on the patio. I know he'll be flirting with other girls. I just can't get over this... I've never been so crazy over a man.
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I´m glad that you got what you wanted and that the night you spent together was that lovely. But please, if you want it to continue, you must understand that you have to work on your own issues. Why all this creepy stalking now, when you´ve finally got your chance? You don´t need to sneek around the house for information - why just not ask him for his last name instead? To me it seems like he´s intersted in you, but if he finds out how stalkerish you are that will surely kill his interest. If I were you I would therefore stop stalking NOW and maybe see a therapist to find out how to control this behaviour. You don´t want to lose this guy, do you? Good luck!