There's a guy named Gabriel at my school. He doesn't know me, but I know him. He's so beautiful. He only wears vintage fifties clothing. He carries a comb in his back pocket so he can fix his hair. His hair is always styled with gel. He's a greaser <3 I'm obsessed with Gabe. When he walks past me, I freak out. Since I go to an arts school, there are a lot of plays and shows. Gabe happened to be in one of them. When I bought my ticket, and Gabe spoke his first like, I yelled "GABE! HOLY CRAP, THAT'S GABE! OMG! IT'S GABE!" and he heard me. Now he's scared of me. He's just so beautiful. I'm in the 8th grade and he's a junior. Just a gap. I don't want to be with him. I just want to know him. He has a girlfriend, who's beautiful. She looks like a french barbie doll. They both look like barbie dolls. They belong together. I'm just going to leave them alone...
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May 16, 2012