Boyfriend's Ex

I am a stalker. I have a problem. I can't stop looking at my boyfriend's exgirlfriend's social networking profiles. I have made fake profiles, used friend's facebook and tried to hack into other people's accounts to find out things. My ex-bf's exgf was one of my best friends before me and him started dating. When we did, she told me horrible things about him and how they had sex and how he was flirting with her while he was dating me. When I told him to stop talking to her, he said he did and I hated her. I couldn't stop checking her Facebook. It was killing me thinking he was still doing it. Then one day I saw something about her making a big mistake over the weekend that he didn't want to see me and I knew they had done something. From then, I have always had this horrible feeling about ex's. He was my first bf and he tortured me. My boyfriend now has a crazy ex that is also saying **** but I know she is lying because her stories dont make sense. But I can't stop looking at her stuff either. I really just want her to not even appear to be a threat. I can't help it. And it also doesn't help that her mother is crazy, and responding to everything I say either in twitter or when I had a Facebook on there too. It all stems from my first bf who was notworthy of my trust at all, but now that it is my habit, I can't stop. I also do something weird. I copy their pictures. I do my hair like them, put on clothes like theirs and take pictures in the same general positions that they did. Then I used to post them on Facebook knowing they would see them and get mad. I did it to bother them and make myself feel better because I knew they would be looking too. I feel so crazy, but I can't stop. My bf knows that I do this and he says that he doesn't like it but if I have to do it then he is not going to be mad at me. Now I have an anonymous twitter to help me vent without people knowing. And it is helping a little but I still can't help but look. My stalking is so bad that sometimes when I am not thinking about what to type, I type in their names just by habit. I wish I could stop. I just want to let go. :'(
Nevertheless77 Nevertheless77
May 19, 2012