Female Who Stalks Other Women

I am female but I stalk other females, even though I'm not sexually attracted to them. I find women who I become jealous of in some way, either if it's

someone my crush talks to or someone who seems to get a lot of praise for being cool. The girls I stalk are usually "punk" type girls with cool peircings

and tattoos. To me they seem so beautiful and perfect. I spent five hours today looking through a girls facebook friend's trying to find pictures of ehr or

comments she made on other people's statuses. I love collecting information on these people and when I find a new picture of them in Google or some

new bit of information it feels euphoric. I get such a rush from doing this. But sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with jealousy that I cry and never vow to do it

again. But curiosity gets the best of me and I fall into the same cycle. Looking at these girl's pictures is what makes me happiest. I wish I could be them. I

usually stalk girls I have only talked to once in real life. But I want more. I want to be their best friend. I want to know everything about them. Because I see

them as being the epitome of what men find attractive. I have dreams about them. I don't know what is wrong with me. I feel so sad when I 'm not stalking

girls. ..

I get excited if I find out where they live and then I use google earth to find their house and I go drive past it or stay in the area and hope that I bump into

them. I'm a 22 year old female, fairly attractive, and intelligent so why do I do this?? :(
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Oh wow!!! I didn't know anyone else did this but me. I feel like crying. I just want to hug you because that exactly what I'm going through. I mean, I know its wrong but curiosity builds up after a few weeks and then I'm like "let me see if she updated that status yet?" WOW!! I honestly cant believe your going through this as well. Although I am a bit younger than you I advise you to pray about it to God. He is really helping me. But thing is I didn't realize it was a sin until God spoke to me about it one day. And when God wants me to stop doing something He give me the help to stop. Please trust Him. I know exactly watch your going through. Message me back so we can discuss this more because your story is the exact replication of mine.

I am within a similar age bracket and am considered physically attractive, and often do the same thing. It isn't a major compulsion for me, but I find myself doing it perhaps once a week. It is usually girls I have met in passing or someone that my boyfriend has expressed interest in physically. I end up pouring through photos of said girl and reading her blog/facebook posts. It is bittersweet for me...I envy these girls heavily, sometimes I cry, yet I still go back for more torture.