I Broke Up With Him Then....

I broke up with my boyfriend of three years a month ago. In our three years he was occasionally abusive. After I left him he begged and begged me to come back but I was unsure. Now he wants nothing to do with me and all I can do is text him and ring him repeatedly and send him photos and even watch his house where he now lives with his parents. I wouldn't be this way if he hadn't led me on to believe we would get back together every now and then over the last few weeks. Even sleeping with me once. Now he has gone to the cops and said I am harassing him. Yet this time last week he was telling me he loved me. I don't have any of his messages...I don't know how to stop!!!!!!
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4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I think it's a game of cat and mouse, some people who are rejected go out of their way to get you back just so they can reject you and turn it around to make you out to be the "bad guy", so now he can turn around and say "see I had to call the cops on her bc she wouldn't leave me alone" I'm gonna guess you never called the cops on him, that means his abusive past is not on record, and the only thing with a paper trail is a police report that you are stalking him, and he is loving it. Run away, he's just F****** with your head.

agreed... let him go... there are a lot of great guys out there that would love to be with you... don't lower yourself down to his level...

Pretty much what lorena said. Stop with this guy

To me this seems just like one more form of abuse (making love to you - report you to the police). This man just tries to make you crazy. Ignore him. There are better ones.