Dont Know Where to Begin

oh dear...i have had issues with this for ages. i don't do it as a sexual thing. i do it to both men and women...the thing is, i was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder some years ago and i think i stalk because of that. attatchment issues and failure to set or stick to personal boundaries in relationships. and it hurts.


i have read up about BPDs who stalk people..i can relate to it...the compulsive drive to create a relationship with someone. I don't believe these people are attracted to me- i am not suffering from Erotomania.

i just try and create situations where i interact intensely with someone....and then it becomes an obsession- not something i want or enjoy anymore but something that has power to ruin lives.

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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

i just joined. i am ready to cry that there are people out there who understand. i thought i was so crazy and i finally got diagnosed with BPD recently and it was like i couldn't stop crying because all that i had been going through for so long- all the different problems were finally connected and i realized that even though i hate myself and i think im evil that maybe there is hope because other people have gotten out of it. sorry this is rambling but i get creepily obsessed with poeople and- same thing- its NOT sexual. just like emotionally intense and a NEED and everything hurts.

I understand completely and utterly where your coming from. As well I have been diagonsed with both bi-polor and erotomania. There are ways to help such as getting thearpy, it might sound scary or unhelpful, but it did do me a lot of good. Even just admitting to yourself you have a problem with help.'<br />
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I hope you find a way to deal with your problems. There is hope, I found a way to deal with it, and I know you will be able to as well.