I don't believe it is true though I have been accused. Sometimes I think the story's quite ridiculous.

Let's just say, if one repeats something to another, eventually that person will believe it.

So sometimes I feel bad about myself, especially when I come across some media portrayals of the kind of people stalkers are - usually a funny perspective - and think "hey, I can relate to this almost completely!", though not always as extremely... and it hurts me when I see the reactions of the person being "stalked" - being a child, I don't always realize what reactions a person might have, and when I see one "victim" reacting in such a way, I can easily imagine that person doing the same... hmm.

But then I remember, there's a whole website out there with hundreds of history documentaries that I can go and watch, and I feel a little better.

aestas aestas
Mar 8, 2010