Strangers Who Listen In.

I am staying at my next of kins who is the closet person to me who has parkinsons and is in his 60s and i have been with for 12 years he has been in my life standing by me through all the dramas life throws at you,i have had alot of problems regrading my drug abusie and he has never once said a thing to make me feel away over it well,my demons is Herion and crack and the people which are in the same flat as him seem to have taken a keen intreast in what i do listening to the thiongs i talk about and following me from room to room and threatening me and doind a daily routine of name calling while telling me to get out of Barrys flat which Barry i am sure is older enough to make his own mind up along with Barry is his sister Kay who is also a tower of strengh for me they have helped me through the years with alot and have visted me while i have been locked up and have always been their for me no matter what,the fact these people who seem to have a kin intreast in what i do,even thou they call me all sorts of things they have a lot of time put aside for me,making time for no matter what time it is they are talking about me and nothin else,i go out and come back in and they are still on the same thing following me from room to room,even the toilet they follow me to,threatening to kick the door down and do the windows,perfect members of the public they are Barry and Kay have lived at St Augustine Court in Bham for 13 years with no problem during that time i have lived here for 2 years with no problems, all of a sudden since i have come back these new people who have come have had a need to pay attenstion to me and all i do and pass judgment on what i can not do and what they want me to do.I am 29 years old and have no intenstion in being nosey and doing the same as those who have a need to listen to the things i do,they are so much better then me but they pay all their attenstion and time on me,all i do is mind my own but they go out of their way to stalk and threaten me on a daily thing and have taken it as a hobbie,i am this and that but its got them talking about me and i aint even famous yet ha but on the flip side i play music to block out the daily intake of lovely words they chose to use while showing how well they have been brought up,while showing how much they are willing to show people just how lovely they really are,the fact they are willing to scare OAP half to death while also telling me i can not be in the fact due to being a drugie and all the things they hate but yet they are the ones who are making a big deal out of it as they are the ones who are making a sond and dance out of it.Barry and Kay are aware of the attenstion i am having but still stand by me no matter what as they have done so for the past 12 years no matter who wants to threaten them to get me to leave their flat as they have been telling me if i care about Barry and Kay i should leave,as they know i care more about other people then i do myself so to push the threats on to the people i am closet to just speaks volumes for the kind of people who pride themselves on being this and that as they are so much better then me yet they have so much time for me,and they have a talk show just for me about me 24/7 non stop telling me to take myself out of Barrys and Kays flat because i have been told so i have come up with the name HOA  for the group haters are us,this group has stalked me for 6mths only the day before yesterday i  was made to hear them talking out aloud for my benefit talks about kill her with the intenstion to frighten me and get me to run a mile as they only allow those who smoke weed to stay in this block of flats and they dis like old people mainly the ones who stand by drugies like myself,the fact they are not drug smoking people but people who love to stalk and victemise people who are not like them,and only allow those who do what they tell them to live here,just shows the type of people i am having the attenstion from.Barry and Kay are still supporting me and helping me through this problem,like i would do the same back. 

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
May 11, 2010