"murder By Proxy" How Officials Use Ongoing Stalking To Silence Disfavored Citizens.

A few years ago, I filed a criminal complaint against an individual who shot my truck 39 times. The individual laughed about it, and witness signed

affidavits under penalty of perjury that the accused criminal was telling his neighbors, D.A. Vern Pierson would fix his nearly dozen criminal felonies.

Gary Lacy had charged him with 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon for stalking kids and putting a gun to there heads. His bail was $235,000.00 when he

shot my truck and dogs. When Lacy Lost the election, Vern Pierson allowed this guy to stalk, threaten to murder, vandalize property, criminal trespass, all

charges still on file for 6 years now in the courts. We have him on video tape stalking 4 people who had restraining orders blocking them in road rage, and

threatening to murder them, while on bail and violating restraining orders. We have him on video tape violating a 300' restraining order by driving his

truck at me missing me by 6 inches. Witness testimony, didn't matter! He admitted to a sheriff, still in the report, while dressed in assault cammo tacticle

gear with a mask assaulting me chasing me with a garbage can lid, violating the restraining order. The sheriff noted in the report that I was complaining

and unappreciative of county officials ignoring murder threats etc. The sheriff stated, "in that regard, I will make no arrest."

We were terrified, my wife and I, that Vern Pierson seemed to want this guy to follow through with his murder threats to end our complaints and law suit

against the county, that his abuse of power generated. He claimed he had "discretion" to single us out and ignore crime victims where other cases similarly

situated, he would prosecute the perpetrators. But Enquist v. Oregon US 2008 says he can't! But this man in this picture said to witnesses a fix was

arranged with Vern Pierson. http://www.eldoradocountymentalhealth.com
Apparently, Vern looks out for citizens who somehow gain favor influence peddling. Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona was sentenced to 5 years on prison for

"influence peddling and obstruction of justice. Gary Lacy was in the process of putting our stalker in prison, noted by the 1/4 million dollar bail. But

when Vern Pierson was elected, just like the perpetrator said, Vern Pierson's obvious inaction and ignoring witnesses and barring their testimony to a jury,

allowed "obstruction of justice, and witness tampering," to fix all his felonies. The result of this, led our stalker to broadcast this web photo he posted

with the caption, "I will return to my neighborhood and stalk my prey." http://www.eldoradocountymentalhealth.com The guy was advertising that he would

"kill his prey in his old neighborhood" where my wife and I own a house.
If we do get murdered, let the record reflect the truth.
I filed a civil right law suit, and the county settled out of court on appeal. They did not want the 9th circuit court of appeals to know what they are

doing. Recently the 9th circuit stated: "The El Dorado County judiciary's penchant for doing things its own way has run afoul of a state appeals court." Read

more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/05/27/4519236/public-eye-appeals-court-tosses.html#storylink=cpy

On that note, we know that Highest courts are aware of the corruption in this County! Though we did file a complaint with the cjp.ca.gov against Judge James

Wagoner who absurdly and contrary to reality, ordered the jury to believe the perpetrator couldn't have possibly assaulted 7 children with a pistol. It was

so apparent it caused cars to smash into other panicked drivers, due to shock seeing a man with a gun pointed at kids. But because "Wagoner told them that

the Perpatrator was a truthful and Honest man, the jury acquitted him ignoring witnesses. Many other witnesses were excluded!

One victim hid! Her husband works for the post office and lives down the street. She never came forth. She was threatened with the gun, so retrying this

guy on this one charge has never been before the courts, and is still available. But who in their right mind would want to become a target of murder by

county officials, explained, below.

Where is the evidence of truthful and honest? The man was fired from truck driving for drugs in his urine? An elderly retired protem judge was threatened

by this guy, and had a heart attack shortly afterword! They had no basis for truthful and honest! In fact there is no such jury instruction according to

Robin Seeley, Attorney Advisory Committee on criminal Jury Instructions Office of the General Counsel Judicial Council of California - Administrative

office of the Courts 455 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 " You have asked me about a rule requiring a specific instruction be given, and I am not

aware of any such rule ever existing."

But the SacBee.com reports, "The El Dorado County judiciary's penchant for doing things its own way has run afoul of a state appeals court." They had one

neighbor, his only friend say he fixed a flat for a school bus once, and thus, according to Wagoner, dozens of witnesses must be lying. It was very surreal

and bizarre to watch a fix allowing a mental patient free to be armed with mass assault weapons in the shadow Columbine, Virginia Tech, leading up to Tucson,

Colorado, and Newton Massacres. God help the USA with idiots like these arranging the ability for psychopaths to kill whom the want, with the latest assault


El Dorado County Superior Court needs to be shut down! Every Judge on their is aware of this and turns a blind eye, and people are not receiving justice

under the constitution! The evidence is very clearly and widely known and yet people fear these scoundrels and are silent! Are we Americans or Cowards! I

wasn't even born here, and took the constitution serious! What about you guys that were born here!

In the real non delusional world ignored by Vern Pierson and James Wagoner, this was an open and shut case, but they cannot dispute the "jury instruction by

Wagoner ordering them to believe, a maniac, was "truthful and honest." I'm sure, naive people are finding these claims hard to believe, though they are now

public record, and I'm only reporting what has taken place. One explanation surrounds notable psychologist or sociologists who are ponerologists. They

study cause and effect of government abuse, and have associated public official jobs attracting sociopathic individuals who abuse power and have no empathy

while they do it. In fact they suggest some of these individuals "get off" on this abuse, as masochistic terrorist. See http://www.ponerology.com or


In 2009, I received a a letter from CJP.ca.gov. California Judicial Counsel admonished Judge Wagoner and sent him an "advisory letter." Only a slap on the

hand, yes, but it verified our concerns were real to the public, and that they are rational and not vexatious. Undaunted, Wagoner, who I now consider a

tyrannical pig, attacked a woman in the lobby of his court with abuse of power, allegedly a criminal violation of 18 USA 242. The woman filed a cjp

complaint and they again slapped Wagoner's wrist, telling him that kidnapping woman physically injuring them and sentencing them to criminal punishment

without any legal reason was wrong. The grand Jury under foreman Judy Mulligan was overseeing what we alleged was corrupt. They hid this report from the

public in their annual report, GJ07-007. Oh guess who was the advisory judge who violated the independency his obvious bias, a violation of judicial canon.

You have to go to Modesto bee to get the unbiased story, http://www.modbee.com/2011/09/14/1859288/el-dorado-judge-james-wagoner.html Here is the actual cjp

findings http://cjp.ca.gov/res/docs/public_admon/Wagoner_DO_9-13-11.pdf

We are noted as the "2009 couple" in the article. My complaint stated that Judge Wagoner sent us a letter threatening to arrest us, and fine my wife and I,

for filing a Grand Jury Complaint. It also alleged Jury Tampering and obstruction of justice claims. The letter he signed without any legal reason or

"jurisdiction" to do so was the proof he was acting outside of the law with this case, where 3 others where dismissed without informing the victims,

violating state and federal crime victim bill of rights, enhanced that year by the people of the state Proposition 9.

If this wasn't enough abuse, we sought federal help in Sacramento Eastern District Court. We were assigned a Magistrate Edmund F. Brennan, and we signed

"decline papers," but he refused to decline as Magistrate. He ignored our whole complaint and fabricated a complaint we never made, that contradicted his own

facts he made up! I was blown away! It was bizarre! We objected, he ignored. We appealed, and El Dorado County backed down and settled to keep their

criminal activity from the appeal courts.

Then we got the shock of our lives! I filed for an injunction. We were being assaulted. Our employees were being assaulted and threatened with murder at

our place of work. We had this on video, several of them. Even a confession of the violation on a police report. So we thought our Federal USA government

would stop this insanity. Magistrates are not allowed to rule on injunctions. Its supporsed to go to a real Judge, not a glorified law clerk Magistrate.

This is prohibited by federal statute 28 636. Violating it is a crime, which violates the constitutional rights, but in corrupt jurisdictions, the local FBI

and DOJ are also corrupt and they turn a blind eye to complaints. How are the Judges who failed to read our complaint going to explain how why they adopted

illegal findings by a corrupt magistrate identified by a string or injustices, where dead human remains lay stinking up his office without any notice by

anyone! They are used to this abuse, it is standard operating procedure for them now! Nothing can be done except to leave USA. I never could believe this

could happen to crime victims.

What was shocking was that I had heard about John O'Sullivan, who was murdered by his neighbor, within weeks of Magistrage Edmund F. Brennan illegally

denying us protection, allowing our stalker to carry out his murder threats without the federal law interfering. We couldn't believe this at all.

What I find out to my horror and shock, was John O'Sullivan was suing D.A. Vern Pierson, and the same defendants I was suing. I found out that our cases

were being funneled to Magistrate Edmund F. Brennan. This may be a pattern identifying a serial "murder by proxy" ring using elements of ongoing violence,

Identified by Macias, infra, as the "murder weapon." When we found out that Brennan was also controlling the outcome with their justice, according to the

Late Mr. O'Sullivan's Wife, we were terrified that Magistrate Edmund F. Brennan did nothing under his "arbitrary denial of equal services" abuse of power to

protect his Party the Plaintiff, John O'Sullivan. John O'Sullivan was shot in the back many times by a retired sheriff, "good ole boy," whom Vern Pierson

favored over O'Sullivan in a neighbor dispute not much different than what my wife and I were going through. His assailant "Zimmerman" is serving life in

prison, but Vern Piersons "arbitrary denial of police services" to protect O'Sullivan is the cause of murder, Macia, infra. He is viewed, aided by failure

of he press to report these incidences as an Honorable person. This doesn't seem to fit that picture, in my opinion.

All we did was report a vandalism crime. Unfortunately, we fell through a crack, in the liberty bell, Pierson uses to help those who can gain influence for

him to risk obstructing justice. Do they do this for free? Is there a fee you can pay for these "arbitrary" services? According to the sworn affidavit

witnesses our perpetrator had claimed political influence with Vern Pierson,. Apparently, Vern Pierson can get Magistrate Edmund F. Brennan to ignore

reality, and fix justice so that those suing or complaining against official colleagues of Brennan, like Pierson, can be murdered through withholding police

services, conveniently ending law suits, and no one is the wiser. This story would be suspect, if there was not a pattern forming in the official behavior.

Is there a limit on the murders of complaining crime victims who are suffering influence peddling causing disfavor before the FBI or DOJ will intervene? Or

do they just chuckle and the steel gonads these callous officials have

However, my wife and I immediately moved to Monterey and hid. It was very expensive, and we lost our life savings maintaining two residences. We didn't want

to end up like John O'Sullivan, where Edmund F. Brennan, hearing about murder threats to his plaintiff parties, uses the power of the Federal Government to

restrain law allowing the protection of crime victims to be murdered!

Again, I would think there are those, who would try to suggest an over active imagination may be playing a part in these allegations. Macias v. Ihde, is a

Ninth Circuit Court of appeals case, where the En Banc panel of Judges associates corruption "arbitrary denial of services" as the murder by proxy, murder

weapon officials use to allow complaining crime victims to be murdered, ending scandalous allegations:

We agree with the Appellants that the district court erred as a matter of law in concluding that the alleged constitutional deprivation was the murder of

Mrs. Macias. It is well established that "there is no constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen."

Bowers v. DeVito, 686 F.2d 616, 618 (7th Cir.1982). There is a constitutional right, however, to have police services administered in a nondiscriminatory

manner—a right that is violated when a state actor denies such protection to disfavored persons Penrod v. Zavaras, 94 F.3d 1399, 1406 (10th Cir.1996)

(stating that "[a]n equal protection violation occurs when the government treats someone differently [from] another who is similarly situated")

The court agreed that:

The district court erred in determining that there was insufficient evidence of actual causation in part, by misconstruing [the Appellants'] constitutional

injury as `murder' rather than `lack of equal protection.' By so doing, the court ignored the evidence that [the Appellees'] arbitrary failure to enforce the

law caused [Mrs. Macias] to suffer not only her murder on April 15, 1996, but the 1027*1027 three months of harassment, stalking, and death threats that

proceeded it.

Thus, the Ninth Circuit agreed, that the cause of murder, was not the perpatrator, but they agreed with the plaintiffs, that, " arbitrary failure to enforce

the law caused [Mrs. Macias] to suffer not only her murder on April 15, 1996, but the 1027*1027 three months of harassment, stalking, and death threats that

proceeded it"

This is good investigative journalism! Perhaps my writing chops need work, but the facts are easily checked and verified! Journalists have a slew of editors

to make their writings flow better. Sorry, I'm just an victim/investigator.

El Dorado County, according to the above elements have, in fact engaged in "Murder by Proxy." This is only a civil murder, not a criminal murder,

apparently! Perhaps this is only petty murder, and not actionable by victims or victims families. However, if you are a high ranking official crime pays!

So when I saw that Edmund F. Brennan was in charge of Cesar Caballero's sentencing him to prison, I though OMG! These guys are allowed to murder poor people

by "arbitrary failure to enforce the law," what would stop them from bending the rules for millions of dollars aiding a casino dispute. I don't know enough

to comment on that, but I do if Edmund F. Brennan is involved, I hope you have not alleged that someone has been witnessed attempting to murder or threaten

to murder you.

If plaintiffs like us need police protection, you might as well pick out your coffin and burial plots ahead of time. The district federal court of the

United States of America will allow you to be murdered to end scandalous disputes for El Dorado County officials using "Mock Trials and Judicial Tyranny,"
which are also named as acts done to colonist by British Judges found in the Declaration of Independence! This is nothing new. It has been going on for

century's. Certain officials are predators. Watch the discovery channel! Hyenas lay wait to slay the weak and poor of the Gazelle herds. Yet the other

Gazelle, go back to grazing right next to the Hyena's devouring their brother/sister Gazelle. These are our fellow man, who do nothing to stop this! Hope

is not hiring! El Dorado County officials capitalize on this conundrum phenomenon, that allows them to cause murder, or fix court cases right out in the


Here is the proof. Yet the FBI in Sacramento does nothing, nor does Camilla Harris, Nor Jerry Brown, his lawyer cited, Bogan v. Scott-Harris, claim, "even

if corrupt...the law will not tolerate a citizen redress." http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?


This is true, Corruption cannot typically be disputed before a jury. Oh, a few are allowed, but they are carefully chosen due to political emotions. The

crooked judges in power allow the murder of their fellow citizens who think that "petition to redress has meaning. This cannot be denied or disputed. But

so what! Nobody cares. Its not even hid anymore. Get ready for more abuse and disaster! This policy under the 11th amendment is going to drag our nation

down to ruin!
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Jan 22, 2013