Original Star Trek

When I was little my Dad used to watch Star Trek during the original run. I saw a little bit here and there and didn't think too much of it. I didn't get hooked on it until it went into syndication and was being shown all the time. I don't know what it was about the episodes that got me hooked but at one time I couldn't get enough. There were the 79 episodes, shown over and over again. Then I took a break and they'd show them on TV again ... when the Next Generation series premiered I had to see it. The first season didn't impress me but I kept watching. It got better. I'd go see the movies, which I enjoyed more since they starred the original cast. Anything Star Trek, I was there to check it out. After a couple of episodes I found I couldn't get into Deep Space Nine. Voyager was pretty good. Enterprise, no. Time to call it quits for a while. I do have my original series DVDs to watch every now and then since the episodes aren't shown on TV much anymore.
Morgause Morgause
41-45, F
Sep 4, 2011