From The Beginning, I Was Hooked

I was 11 years old when I saw Star Trek on TV for the first time. It was the September 1966 and I was sitting in front of a 13" black and white set. From that moment on I was hooked (not obsessed, just hooked). I was so disappointed when it was canceled in
it's 3rd season, and I wasn't alone. Even in college my buddies and I would gather around in the dorm's TV lounge to watch reruns in the afternoon. I was tickled when I heard a movie was to be made. Sure enough, I was sitting in a movie theater the weekend of it's release (Star Trek: The Motion Picture), and I was not disappointed. I saw each and every movie as it came out, and collected the VHS tapes along the way. When "Star Trek: Next Generation" hit the TV I was again hooked. The successive movies and books also brought me a lot of enjoyment. It is difficult to explain the appeal: 1 part fantasy, 1 part adventure, 1 part science fiction. I had the honor of meeting more than a few astronauts in years gone by. I had the same question ready for them: Are you a Trekie? The answer was always YES. All were inspired by a TV program. Imagine that! With the release of the latest movie, a whole new generation will be inspired. All I can say is: Live long, and prosper!
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My Husband got me to watch the TV and I liked it. Movies too.<br />
We tried to watch the most recent, with the young people? It looked very good but the movie we got wouldn't play so we never finished it.

The 2009 movie is really worth a watch. The plot was brilliant, and the new actors really did it justice. Two thumbs up and really worth the watch.

Good to know. :)

I agree. I guess there is another one coming out with the same actors. I am looking forward to it.