I have all most all of the star trek movies on dvd I all so have the little starships
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I went thru that phase. Still love the show!

I all so still love the show I would like have all of the star trek tv shows

back when the original series quit airing original episodes, I got into the reruns when I was old enough to understand them. I bought everything Star Trek I could get my hands on with my weekly allowance. I bought a Starfleet manual and studied it and took a test and mailed it in to "Starfleet" when I was about 12 years old. I got a hand written letter from William Shatner congratulating me and saying I qualified to enter Starfleet Academy! I was absolutely thrilled! (Years later, my Mom threw out the letter, thinking it was trash).......

When I was 5 years old, I was taken to a rodeo in Waco, TX, where I met Leonard Nimoy who was promoting the show. I remember seeing him ride in a white convertable with red interior. I had no clue who he was. I got h is autograph (a photo of him as Spock, and he signed it "Logically yours, Leonard Nimoy"). I was more impressed with the toy bird on a string that I got from the rodeo than I was with him! LOL!

I have some the star trek movies and two of the tv shows on dvd I all so the little starships and I have the uss enterprise from the star trek 2009 movie I wish you still had the letter I all ways wanted to meat William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy when I was a little kid I all ways wanted to be like caption Kirk

I have met most of the cast from the original series (alas, I have not met George Takei) and most of the cast from "Next Generation". Wil Wheaton is my high school sweetheart's best friend.

you are so lucky what are they like Will Wheaton has a show of his own now

They were all very friendly. My two favorites have been John DeLancie and Brent Spiner. I also met James Doohan, he was quite the interesting person. I pointed out an error in the premis for "The Wrath of Kahn" film. It was funny. John Delancie was adorable. We went out to dinner afterwards. I do not follow Wil Wheaton, but he is besties with my ex sweetheart.

what was the error in star trek 2 have you seen star trek into darkness

The error in the film was this: based upon the original episode in which Khan appears, there was no character of Checkov at that time. In the film, "The Wrath of Khan", one of Khan's lines was "Mr. Checkov.....I never forget a face." How did he "remember" Checkov, when Walter Koenig wasn't even on the show at that time? Jimmy Doohan's response was: "Uhm, he was working the night shift?"

And yes, I have seen the two most recent Star Trek films with the younger cast members. I like them, lots of inside Trekkie jokes you don't get unless you're a die-hard fan.

the name of that episode was called space seed you are right he was not in it I am a diehard fan of star trek I have two star trek video games I have both movies

I all so have Netflix

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live long and prosper

live long and prosper