Im An 18 Year Old Star Trek Fan And Dont Care What You Say

W ell I'm a  about a good 44 years late I'd say! If it was J.J Abrams plan to introduce the new generation to Star Trek he succeeded (with me anyway). Ever since I saw the new Star Trek movie's trailer last November I've been fascinated with the original series. For those eight months I eagerly awaited the release of the new movie! I also had fallen in love with the show too-watching the three seasons on line. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm an 18 year old girl who really likes Star Trek! I even have action figures, an old tin lunchbox, and a tee shirt!

---Marie <3

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No reason to be ashamed. Glad you're not. Enjoy your awesome fandom!

Yay! I was hoping the new movie would have that effect on the younger people who were not around to experience the original first hand. Thank you J.J! <br />
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On a side note, my wife would love you! I bet she has more action figures that you do. She even has two replica hand phasers displayed on her book shelf, right next to a picture of her best friend on the bridge of the NCC-1701.

Your wife is cool. Ive got a few TNG and TOS figures. Some TOS statuettes. A ST2:TWoK phased. And a TOS Enterprise sitting on my dresser. Its about 2 feet long.

yeah I hate when people compare the two because of the similarity in the name. I can't choose though but I HAVE liked Star Wars longer...its too hard! XD

I to love star trek many years ago I became an honerarie star ship officer I have the card I also have a time travlers pass port for Dr Who my champion is Lt.Ahora I too have a blue tooth in my ear