I Know Im A Starseed But I Cant Confim It

It is hard to explain who i am through the internet, typing i mean - basically i have a family of over 200 members and i only remember the name of 10, i feel different from my family and i look different - im the only one in the family whom has brown skin,the rest of my family are white , i have brown-grey eye colour and excellent physical abilities - eg. i play all sports very well after only have bee practicing for 5 minutes - my teachers and friends get frustrated by this and cast me aside, i dont do drugs or drink alcohol because i dont like harming my body. i love all subjects especially science, technology and sport but i dont like school (i dont know why, maybe i don like the system in which they are teaching) i have dozens of friends but i keep away from them because i like being alone questioning the universe and developing my psychic abilities (which i belive is my salvation) i have tried to get into religions but it doesnt work for me they all seem absurd - i have read the bible, after reading it i laughed at how people could believe in such stories wich have been manipulated dozens of times over, than i tried satanist which was also dumb, some groups believed in scarificing and some groups only believed that satan was a symbol that you should enjoy life - basically theyr tripping over theyr own tongue.... i also looked at muslim, jewish, islam, sikh, buddhist and zen buddhist which was the most logical and made the most sense but theyr were some faults. i belive in the universe and its special force, i follow my own religion and belief, we are all gods and we create the creation of ourselves on this world, you and i dont have to ask a god for something, instead you give it to yourself.
i have an extreme sensibility towards the heat - the doctors dont know what it is - but i start to itch and then my body starts glyching, when this happens i must dip my body in water otherwise i blackout - and when i wake, i become very aggresive and have a hostile attitude towards anyone who comes near me (and on top of that i live in the south of spain)
i have psychic abilities such as - i have visions of my future every time i choose a different path for my life ahead, i have biokinetic abilities - such as cure an illness with my mind or change a physical aspect of my body which i dont like - like my eye colour or the shape of my nose ectcetera..., i have expirienced some telekinetic events but they were mostly accidental (in other words i cant cotrol it, to difficult, to much mind power wich i think we havent evolved enough to be able to control such things unless were starseeds, i think)
most of my psychic abilities came on theyr own but when i realized i had this - i chose to lock myself in my room for 3 years and practice it, and study different theories and philosophy. my family were getting annoyed with me and called me names like miserable git, and they told me i was depressed and a loner... but i wasnt miserable, i was happy on my own - i feel free. the weirdest thing is i always go to the beach and swim at night time when the stars are out and the beach is calm and quiet. i always look up and think i belong there. i see lots of strange lights mostly when im on my own. and when i go diving, i like to be almost naked apart from my shorts, snorkell and flippers then i swim amongst the fish - i love this - i feel at home. i respect the nature, animals and the mystical creatures that live around us (mystical creatures i mean mythical creatures which live invisibly around us, but you can see it if you open your mind and belive) ive seen one to many ghost, i like them i enjoy the company and i especially love teasing them...lol - ive had out of body experience and the most fascinating ones when i automatically faint for no reason, then i woke in a different world - this happend a few times the longest period was at least a couple of minutes, i saw creatures that i cannot remember and i cannot explain in words but they were fascinating. im also telepathic im not sure you will believe me but i had a conversation with the universe - i saw the universe from the outside and it was exhilirating, again i cannot explain in words what i saw. the universe talked to me in english female voice wich sounded robotic, im not sayin its a female coz its not, it simply tuned the voice so i could understand clearly and spoke english because its what i understand the most (i speak 4 languages - i grew up knowing french, spanish and english nad i learned japanese in a couple of months - that also frustrated the teachers coz they didnt like the fact that i pass all my exams perfectly without studying, that is also one of my talents - learning a language easily no matter how hard it is) most adults call me mature and wise beyond my years - and everyone always say that im different (like once a psychic medium came into my house to sort out one of my parents problems with the house, and a while later i came into the same room as him and he acted weird like stareted choking... anyways at the time i didnt care and left the room emidiately coz i had things to do, couple of hours later i passed by my mum so i decided to ask her why the man was choking, smiling while i asked the question then my mum turned around and said to me 'because the man was choking on your aura' i was like WTF (at the time i had no psychic abilities, i was young and very optimistik). then she also said 'he sensed something different, inhuman and the change of atmosphere you made felt suffacating because it was so powerfull' she paused and said 'he told me and gary (my stepdad - total dickhead - he attacks me and likes to mentally torment me) to be careful and stop how we are treating you otherwise our future will be dark and chaotic'.
?????? by the way i just turned 16 and my parents are poor and i didnt mean to sound too big-headed i just felt that maybe if i wrote how i really felt some one in the internet would understand me, because i know there are many other people like me... i just hope all the time i have put on my story paid off.
thankyou for taking the time to read it and if you relate to my story, or would like to speak to me as friends through the internet please contact me through my e-mail.
i hope you find what your looking for in life.
Ben de la Barre

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I totally understand, though I am younger than you. I would love it if you read my story. I have no idea what I am anymore. I feel disconnected from my family as well. I never felt like a part of the family. I think there's a good chance you're a starseed or something similar. Also, have you had UFOs that seem to follow you? I have since around the age of seven.

www.starseeds.net <br />
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if you don't already know about it .............

I find your story incredibly fascinating, and would love to know more about you and your experiences! I am 17 and live in Canada, and I found out I'm a starseed and crystal child around the time I turned 16. Only in the last few months have I truly begun to understand who I am and why I'm here, though. But nothing has ever made so much sense in my life; it is not a belief that I am a starseed, it is a KNOWING, that resonates within my soul, within every fiber of my being.<br />
I understand your feeling of looking at the stars and knowing that is home - I have felt that way ever since I was a child, but did not know what it meant. I am from the Pleiades star system, and it is my first time on earth. I am like you in many ways: I have tried several religions, but none of them make any sense to me, and I have always been a bit of a loner. I have a wonderful relationship with my family, and have several very close friends, but I don't like a busy lifestyle or constantly being around people. I have never done drugs and can't stand the taste of alcohol, and loud, crowded parties hold no appeal to me.<br />
I am an extremely peaceful being. I cannot find it within myself to agree with any sort of violence, and I even cringe when people pick flowers (I don't want them to die). I love nature - it hurts my heart every time I see someone being disrespectful and uncaring towards nature, and I want dearly for everyone to love each other. <br />
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As I read your story, I grew more and more excited by what you said; your fantastic abilities, your wonderful understanding of the world around us, those spells where you found yourself in different worlds...and the conversation with the universe! I would be thrilled to learn more about your experiences and perspective on the bigger picture. <br />
I am sorry that you do not seem to have such a great relationship with family members, or maybe you do, it just didn't sound so much like it in your story. I hope that if there is some way I can help you, you will simply ask. I care about everyone and everything, and would never turn down someone in need of a friend.<br />
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You are right in that there are many other people out there like us - all you need to do is reach out =) I would be happy to keep in touch if you are interested, it is good to have someone to talk to who knows what you're going through.<br />
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Lots of love and light,<br />

That's really amazing.. I.... I'm trying to figure out if I'm a StarSeed or not.... This was a really good story((: