Not Sure

about me being a starseed or not. But after my first spiritual awakening, I've been feeling lost and disoriented. All the time, I just want to leave this planet and go home to where I came from. I get a feeling that I am a Blue Ray. I just want to know where I came from. I love the Earth but what human beings (including me sometimes) are doing nowadays doesn't make sense to me anymore.
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

I know exactly how you feel. Some days I look around and see what humanity has become and I just feel like giving up. But we must remember we are here for a reason. We must help these people to awaken and be here for them when they start to have questions. The fact that humans are so disconnected from each other and have no sense of who they really are make this challenge an extremly difficult one. We must have patience, we are here for a reason and our time will come. <br />
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In La Kesh

People are mean, but don't give up on them........... God doesn't. When you went thru your awakening didn't father promise you it was going to be worth it? As a Blue Ray you will go home.... but make a difference while your here. Random acts of kindness

One day we all going to leave this planet that's for sure, We'll be returning to the place where we were been created. Time will give us that eternal life, So my dear friend,Sister give your life to the time it'll answer you, At present enjoy this world, Enjoy your pluses, Enjoy your spiritual wit. : )