I Am An Arcturian

I am an Arcturian and my Arcturian name is Gala and I have been here for eons...

My story is very simple. I never fitted in, I am very lonely person (whitout feeling lonely), I work all the time and what I cherish the most is everything around me, nature, animals, the sun, etc... Human emotions are difficult for me, I love peace and I will do anything to have it. I don't get the money system, this is a pure destruction system and it is actually happening! I am very balanced individual... Good can't exist without bad, light can't exist without darkness, I have also been called a Chaotic Neutral, It is all about keeping the balance, like everything in this world and universe.

Being the way I am, I have been wondering for many years who I was and what was my purpose here... Finally, life brought me in Egypt where things started to kicked in and where I felt very much at home. This is the time where I started to look for who I really was but spiritually. After many many past/future lives regression and Reiki sessions that I finally found out who I really was and what was my purpose here. I am part of a group of souls that has the purpose of keeping the balance of things and to steer the world in the right direction. for that I have been incarnated into many Leaders through different times... I have been a Pharaos of Egypt (Seti the first), I have been a King of France (Louis XIII), etc.. I will also be called upon in the near future to reastablish the balance (probably before the end of this century) to act as a guardian again. I am a natural leader, but a very democratic leader, I hate politics...

As far as I know, the Arcturian in general are here to keep the balance and to help people get back online with the universe and this is what I have been doing since I have been reincarnated on this earth. It is great to know who we are!!!

Many starseeds are here from different worlds and a big problem we are facing is the fact that the starseeds that have been here for many ages are being flooded by brand new souls that only want to buy stuff and they don't know any better. Connection is difficult, we have to get them connected and like the Matrix they will defend their actual system very fiercely. However, there are new kids on the block, the indigo children are among us now and they are here to help. But for all of us, the first step is to realise who we are before we can actually do something to help this project earth and as far as I am concerned this is the biggest challenge...

As of today and I am in constant communication with my guide which helps a lot in terms of answering my questions and you need to get connect with your guide and find out what is your purpose. Because each souls group shares a guide that is there to help and each group has a purpose... To teach, to help, to lead, etc...

Find out who you really are!

Dec 2014 - ADDENDUM

I am not an Arcturian, I am not a Sirian, I am not an Angel, I am not any of these things. The truth is, I don't know what I am. I did try to find out, for many many years and I believed pretty much what anybody could tell me. I don't think I was diligent with myself and the process.
I got involved in all of this spiritual stuff in 2008 and lo and behold I got sucked in, in all the different possibilities which was pretty much satisfying my ego. To feel that I could be somebody different than everybody else. It fitted me. The things is, there is so much **** out there, it is just unbelievable. Everybody without much depth are just repeating over and over what everybody else write down which for most of it was never verified or have any credence (there are few experts and most of them have some kind of agenda). It took me three big years to get out of this mess which I created in the first place and I have learned to my expense that there is stuff in deed out there and unfortunately it is not pretty like we would like it to be.
There is an element of corruption, a parasite, a virus, call it the way you want that just fiddles (I could use a stronger word here) with everything on this planet. You see the Archons, a parasitic entities (if you don't know then, google it) just want to get our energy (watch the movie the matrix for reference) that just interfere with everything. The human minds, the Alien minds, everything. This is not a surprise to see so many Psychopaths (our dear elites) killing everything on this planet.
I am talking about the Archons because I know them for a fact. Because I was under a heavy psychic attack for one long year. So I dealt with them and they are not funny and they are literally insane or at least they can drive you insane. I was under their oppression at the time of writing of this text (the first part). Their deal is always to keep you in the status quo. To tell you one thing one day and to tell you something different the next. You become anxious and then you emit energy. Any attempts to communicate outside the earth is inevitably corrupted. For example, if you do the pendulum, it will not work (you ask the same question and while you ask the question, it interchanged the yes and the no. So, if you ask the question a second time, it will flip the other side. Again, the same technique is used. To get you in a state of anxiety.
Any channeling is flawed, they play on both side of the coin... Trust me I know. There is no such things as ascendant masters, Arcangels Michael, etc... Please don't be fooled by their treachery. Notice that all entities channeling are male. This is a Patriarchal Hierarchical structure (they replicated the same thing on Earth) A ton a small minions (us, the cattle) excreting energy that feeds the low level Archons and so on.
I am sorry to say that any attempt to communicate by any means outside this world is futile. Because if you can't get any integrity in the message then the message is useless. We are in prison folks... Prison for your soul!!! They even fools us to come back over and over. There is no such thing as Karma. We are sovereign souls and we have the power, but they always tricked us to believe that we have no power. In reality we are powerful beyond measure and we can decided to go back to source if we really want to. So next time you die, please tell the being in the light (your reflected light by the way) that wants you to do a life review that he can shove it. You say NO!!! You claim your sovereignty. The life review is a trap!!! Please remember that, so you can get out of this **** hole and go back to source.
Now, the only thing I know for sure is that I have been on the Archons' radar for a very long time and they made my life a real nightmare and they still do as they have a lot of fun sabotaging everything I do or at least what I try to do.
If you are victim of these guys' machination (pretty much everybody, even more so the one in spirituality), I would tell you to first remove any beliefs in any gods, religions, books and spirituality, etc (Starseeds stuff). Why? because when you believe in any of these things, you give your power away and this is the way they can control you. This is the first thing you need to do. It doesn't matter if you are a Starseeds or not, because right now you are a human being on Earth and you are like everybody else. You don't have super power and you need to work to pay your taxes. You need to control your ego as much as you can. You have to make the difference between your thoughts the one they put in your mind (that's a tricky one) this is the way they use to get you in trouble. They can make you feel bad, etc...

If any of this spirituality stuff has taught me anything is that you can't trust anybody for any of these things. Everything needs to be verify. It blows my mind to see people trust beings/entities they can't see and they trust only because they say that they are archangels or **** like that. If I tell you that I am an archangel, are you going to trust me? NOBODY, I mean nobody has 100% of the truth, not even me. I would say that there is nothing wrong about finding out why we feel so different and why we believe that we are different. The thing is, the process is self indulgent and it is a great way to get lost in it and while you get lost in it, then you don't enjoy the life you have and you are just giving your power and energy away for nothing. Have fun (they hate it), make love, eat good food, enjoy yourself. Let the psychopaths destroy the world. It is probably the best thing that could happen actually (a big reset)... by the way, I apologize if I led you into any false belief with my first post I was obviously under the influence. Please take care of you and verify the sources and protect yourself.

One last thing, I would like to share. Things are not the way they seem on this planet. Remember that everything is upside down. In other words, what you believe is bad, is actually good, what you believe to be good is actually bad!

Cheers everyone and thank you for your posts! Good Luck!

Seti Seti
36-40, F
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i find it quite contradicting to say spirituality feeds the ego when spirituality aims towards leaving behind the ego body to enter into your conscious body. connection with your spirit self or "higher self" is the opposite of feeding the ego, but I understand how it can be mispercieved as egotistical for it teaches that we are all unique, but with that being said we are one. we are the same in that we are all different. no parasitic entity can attack a person truly in tune with their higher self. trust me on that.
being in tune with your highest self is protection from the parasitic ententies which you speak of, and is also opposite of "believing everything you are told". sounds like you should seek a better spiritual understanding before trying to understand aliens.

:) Very cool, there's only 58 awakened arcturian decent on the planet. Small number! Nice to meet you. Egypt...nothing is accidental here. When I went on a trip, there just happened to be a meditation dome where my family was waiting for me.

Thanks for your feedback, I am sorry to say that I am not an Arcturian... never was... Please read the Addendum that I wrote today for a very overdue update! Cheers!

Hi Seti, I am still searching for myself and for my purpose in life. While I may appear "normal", I'm definitely different. I'm happy for you that you found yourself, I think that's wonderful. :-)

all my I have known something was different about me . Then tonite I ran across a personality profile of an Arctian, it nailed me 1001%. Why so late ohwell now the journey really begins ?????

Peeple exaggerate everything. Then they dont know what to do with their life, apart from make money. We call it a living... There is nothing mysterious on earth, except state of mind , which is so unstable .. it reflects events here ... Mystery is not the way , the very word has a hippy following ... which reflects stupidity, unfortunately.

Why do u peeple, not know anything about your own body? With all the new age fantasy, why is imagination so SLOW to get a grip ? Let me example, your doctors lead you into a dependence on pharma drugs , your kids lead others into dependence on other drugs. Your adults lead others into depression , with consumption. Where is ANY sign of advanced learning , arcturian or other ?
Jacques tries with the Venus project , another with SpiralShell but who would know what to do with this information ? Where are your examples , not illusions?

I too am an Arcturian starseed, although I also have had incarnations in the Sirius A system (was there before I came here). I discovered I was born in the Arcturus star system when I had a UFO encounter with my Arcturian family a few months ago. I still don't know what my Arcturian or Sirian names are... yet ;) I learned that I was "from the Sirius A system" in a dream back on 12/12/12 (nice numerology huh?).
I too am quite a balanced individual as far as philosophy and such goes like you are. We have some things in common. Thank you for sharing your story! :)

I am not quite as far along in finding out who I am but I have recently discovered that I am Arcturian as well. It is nice to meet you. : )

Hey!, Well, I am not an Arcturian, I was fooled to believe I was. I must admit it was very early in my awakening... I would suggest to be careful what you believe in and to verify the source of your information. ;o)

hi, i relate to all that u said.are we the same? thankyou for ur insight as it helps with my own questionsXX

this sounds a lot like me, almost to the T. do you know what this race of peoples look like? since I was old enough to comprehend that people must work to make money, and that money drives this world I've hated being here, it seems to me like legal slavery ba<x>sed on time spent slaving for others whom don't even respect what you do for them. I've been pushing myself to the limits the last few years to teach those around me about the balance of things and the harmony of man and the universe, but few are so open to see things in that light. What bothers me most, is that I've been able to bring knowledge learned from past lives into this body, and though able to fix all the things that humans want fixed, people say there "is no" to do so with "modern science" though I've known for a long time that their science, as well as their laws are flawed and broken.

One race from the Arcturus star system are very tall (males can be up to 9' tall!), have pale skin, no hair, wear white robes that are very bright (basically made of light) with a symbol of the all-seeing eye in the chest, and many have violet eyes (ranging from light to dark violet). This is the description that fits my body on the planet I am from in the Arcturus star system.
There is another race of Arcturians that are shorter (4' tall about) with brown skin and such.

I am no Arcturian, I was fooled to believed I was. I was fooled to believed a ton of things actually... I end up settling for "I don't know and I don't want to know" this is the best way to focus on what needs to be done!. Cheers ! ;)

Sorry to admit that I am an not an Arcturian. Never was. They seem cool though. I never really figured it out... I fitted in many categories and unfortunately I wasn't there when those were created so, I realized that maybe there no such thing as an Arcturian... or maybe I am wrong... It is very difficult to find valid and true information about the starseeds...

Anyone who knows anything can and should be able to teach on what they know. What have you learned? What is your source of knowledge? How old were you when you got into your beliefs? Now that you know who you are, how have you helped "project earth"?

I know a lot more now, then ever before. But you see my truth is not your truth. Teaching other is a bit tricky because I don't believe that there is any solid truth in this world.
The source of knowledge, there is no real one source. There is a ton of crap out there and you have to skim through it and it takes a long time to find the (probably) true stuff and the wrong stuff.
Finally, I knew very young that there was something wrong with this world and I can say today that I have been under the "Archon's" radar since I was born. They know who we are and they make sure to make our life a lonely and difficult one!

I Don't know anything about project Earth even now in 2014.
I apologize for the very long time to answer!

Going to Egypt is not the key... I end up going in Egypt because I won 8000.00 on a slot machine in Las Vegas and I decided to use this money to go dive in the RedSea (I love being in water). It turns out that visiting Egypt was far more life changing for me then the diving. But it was subtle, not like I had an epiphany... It just felt right and it kinda trigger this need to know more....<br />
<br />
No, the real key is to do past life regression to find out what you were before and through life regression you will get in contact with your guide and he/she will answer your questions and the more you do it the more those unanswered question will be and you will seek more till the moment where you will see the whole picture and it will be very clear.... <br />
<br />
To do past life regression you need to find a hypnotherapist who does regression and will help getting you started then after a while you can do it yourself... Finding a good reiki master is also helpful I find those 2 to be complimentary, you will learn stuff with one that you won't learn with the other...

Don't worry, I am not an Arcturian never was... I was fooled to believe it... Sorry!