I Am A Star

Ever since i was little i felt different. I knew in my heart that I did not think the same as the people around me. I felt as if i was a different species all together. I question why people act the way they do and why people don't think like I. Growing up I have always had vivid dreams. Weird dreams that I know "normal" people dont have. I had one where i was an animal creeping in the dark and i see a huge door with a light. When i go to open it i wake up screaming at the top of my lungs. I had alot of blood dreams Lots of blood and war. And i dreamed a boy multiple times in my dreams like my partner my friend my guide. I have also had a dream that we were all squishy and bloody and connected by the back of our neck with a long umbilical cord. We all shared the same blood line to survive together in this world where everything is made of blood and flesh. No-one had skin just bloody flesh like a newborn. i have had strange thoughts that no one could explain to me not even a psychologist could tell me a answer that pleased me. I went into psychosis and kicked my boss in the balls bc a spirit voice told me to.  And lots of other visions i could write a book.  I hurd children saying "thats the i-child". They told me the strong meaning of "I" in a language and asked me to tell everyone to use and be aware of it more. It told me about the documentary the secret before I even got a chance to know the documentary existed. I have had premonitions of everyone going back into the woods at a very short time. I watched a movie called rockas i thought they were calling me in the movie and it made me cry long tears. Like i could hear their voice in the movie directed at me. I also channeled some spirit that made me draw the goddess of the weed plant. Like she wanted me to know that she is a spirit that existed like we do. Today I feel like the change is coming sooner than ever. I have found things i collected as a child. like the world "eye" in arabic and chinese. And an article on the mayans numerical system. Why did i keep these things and why did i find them now. I talk to my spirits on a daily basis and they answer every answer. And follow my every request. I know they are there. I feel their love when i meditate or when i go out in the woods to walk and clear my head. Their love is so big i feel like i cant handle it alone it needs to be shared. And i love them for pushing me to find my true self. But finding my true self is very lonely when you are in a room of souls reaching out to their self. And you can feel it and see it in everyones eyes.  I even see them reaching out while im meditating. everyone is fighting to find themself and they are right their. Great Infinite beings. It seems as thought every human being underestimates themself. We are not a ant in a colony of ants. We are the ants we are the wind the trees the dirt the bugs the animals the UNIVERSE. We are great infinite beings that control our planet with our emotions and our dreams. We control it we make earthquakes and tornadoes and rain.  We are god in everything he is. FOR GOD SAKE WAKE UP PEOPLE its so lonely without you all.
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I think you should explore the idea/term/meaning of SUBCONSCIOUS. It seems o me like ou are so naturally in tune with your subconscious, a part of the human brain/thought process on which very little is known or proven in the human species.

Yea i read about the subconscious. The definition confuses me. But i know its like the in between of conscious and unconscious.

Lol, yeah. It's basically the part of your brain the stores ideas and experiences that your conscious either thought was inconsequential, or too confusing.

This theory that you have about 2012 is really interesting I have never heard it before...I hope that's the way things go down.

I strongly believe it will. The dark ages are behind us.

I wish everyone would come to that realization,that we are all connected,people animals plants everything.I woonder what we could all be as a whole rather than separate, parasitic, selfish entities.I wonder what we could accomplish ...not just physically but mentally even psychically .....

I cant imagine the power. it seems so great beyond my brain. I believe we will achieve this though.

I think Facebook may help this. A vast network through which a truly good idea can be shared would spread like wildfire. Example: Kony

I think that is a wonderful idea!!!

I have been doing this but you have motivated to keep on. Because my spirits showed me the facebook sign multiple times. I have no idea why i dont take them more serious sometimes.

send me a invite on FB message me for my real name....I don't want to post it here lol

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