Dear Me(we)

The years of unification season now is 2012 - 2024 for our current planet years. It will take 12 years to complete our step in unification as beings. We begin this year 2012, are you ready to join the ride? WE(ME) are not alone there are many beings out there who are merging minds (consciousness) as well. Every being in the universe is going through the same journey as WE(ME). WE(ME) will stay together, WE(ME) need each other. It is a natural evolution process for beings. I am just letting us(WE,ME) know so we understand what is coming. And so WE(ME) will be brave to the upcoming changes.

Sincerely (WE)ME
snoopy5345 snoopy5345
2 Responses Mar 6, 2012

Thank you. This confirms my timeline of preparation 2003 (my first awakening) until now, 2013 I've finally found what I've been preparing for. Now working on myself so that I can do my best.

what's a we me?

WE is a reflection of ME. You is a reflection of WE. We are all reflections of our fellow human beings. We are mirror's of each other.