I Feel Like I Will Never Belong As Long As I Have This Past Life (this Life)

i have been happy well decent and everything i thought everything was going to be fine and that this life would no longer pose a problem but i found out i was wrong this life is going to make sure i will suffer forever if i dont remove it please anyone if you know of a way to remove lives please tell me how i have tried doing all i could to make it not as bad nothing works so i can tell you from experience this life truly will make sure i suffer for eternity and i didnt do anything like a crime of anything and i also know i cant ascend ,go back with my galactic family  ,get love or be happy with it please if anyone knows how to remove it or if it will remove it self please tell me i dont want to suffer for eternity
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They are both right, its really just about not giving up. Despite everything and anything you feel may be holding you back, I believe you can be 'redeemed', although I dont think that's the right word. You must allow you soul to evolve by letting go of your past, it might be the only way for you to feel as though you removed your past. I'm no expert and struggle everyday but I felt compelled to reach out. I feel like i know theres a light at the end of this struggle, and it keeps me goin, I hope it can keep you going too. We are here for you

As I look into this face, I see a man, with no place. I see the pain held back, I see emotions turn black. It's like a fever, as my thoughts grow deeper. It's like a disease, that I can't freeze. How can I be free, when I can't be me? I know I don't belong, I see the world as being wrong. Everyone thinks of lust, but where is all the trust? The things I can't explain, it all troubles my brain. But, I will never give up, I will always stand up. You will never bring me down, as I still bear this crown. <br />
<br />
I wrote this poem a while back. I feel for you as well, Ive been there. Just remember whats in the past might be in the future tomorrow and the differences between us are here for us today. Don't give up on your dreams and aspirations. Ive just been one to never dream much or have any aspirations. That doesn't mean that you don't belong on this earth because you do. You got to turn that pain into something positive and carry on.

i dont plan on leaving i just want this life removed from the record so to speak

Its a strange desire, can you explain exactly what you want?
what do you want in life?
All this record that you speak of does not exist anymore its the past. Each day is a new day with a new oportunity to start anew.
I think that you should focus on what you want instead of focusing on what you don't want...

is it possible to redeem ones self?