I Went Home, But Don't Know Which Home I Came From.

I'm going to chalk up this story with the finer points and skip the details of what lead to it. That being said I'm looking for anyone who knows any information on these peoples. I had an NDE about a year ago, not a typical one though, it happened after as I was thinking to myself "I'd just like to go home, to get of this human made hell."
As soon as I thought that, I got that sensation you get with goose bumps, but magnified and all around me. The only light in the room became so bright that I couldn't see, such a brilliant white that I had to turn away. Anyway, my body went down, while I stood and watched everyone react in slow motion wondering why they looked worried, a couple seconds after watching them I went through the "tunnel" as everyone knows it, a swirling mass of blacks and purples, ripped by bolts of lightning and energy that flashed this color or that.
I woke up on a world, or a moon, that was around two suns, and two more planetary bodies were orbiting so close I could see vegetation, landmasses, and bodies of water on them two. I was put on a small rise in a field, and the purity of peace and serenity that overcame me was so great that no human word or emotion could capture it. There was grass, a little under my knee in length, green, leading to the forest line. All the trees were more stout then on earth, the leaves were brown, the trunks were purple and they were very wide at the base. there was a "lake" off to my right, but it was pure silver in color, and acted like liquid mercury in that it had a high density, the edges were kind of bubbled instead of flowing like water.
The main attraction were the people there, humanoid that they had arms and legs, a head. They didnt walk, they levitated several inches above the ground, wherever their skin showed, it glowed a brilliant gold and they wore brown robes. They had long appendages down their back, not wings, they just hung down their backs. They had eyes of pure orange, nose slits without a nose, and a mouth full of sharp teeth, covered by big orange lips. they did not speak to me, but I could hear them when I arrived, echoing through my mind.
They are extremely benevolent, they want peace throughout the universe, they don't need civilization, they don't want societies, they live free with the tides of nature as their timetable. Although I could sense even they had enemies, though they were of such power, they need not fear them. I'm bewildered as to who, or what they are, where they are.
What are these peoples? I know they're where I'm from, they asked me how it went, if I liked it "down there" what "They" were like and if my task was difficult. Of course I was sent back to finish what I started according to the higher powers that are. But I wonder why it is that I've never once heard of these beings, though they are probably very far away from here, cause I've found none who are the same.
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I go home too. I have had a few visions of it, each time a but more is revealed. I now know that where I'm from is translated in English to the word "honesty" and my name was/is "Massa" it's been a really rough 4 months of trying to sift between energies and information for me.

Indeed they don't "look" like plaiedians, but they remind me of something like that. There are certainly MANY races out there in many dimensions/frequencies, and since it's you're home, whenever you yearn for it, you have the ability to seek it deep deep in your heart and bring it here.
I have had a similar NDE and I also have a mission here on earth which is coming together like a puzzle recently. Im not alien, but i am of the light. I still have more work to do, but at least the confusion about my purpose has mostly gone with some helpful mind training techniques that humans have, I am also here to help other beings like me including the star seeds. Message me if you want to chat about anything. This journey doesn't have to be lonely.

This seems like a beautiful experience. Have you tried meditating on where you came from? Perhaps that helps?

it comes up blank, but, before I left I met a very very powerful figure. All it took was one look into their eyes and every question I've ever had was answered, every doubt, washed away, and every dream was shown to be reality. I've never again seen this figure, or that place, I've talked with them, though it's hard to hear them, as if they are far far away.