I Have A Global Presence That Will Change This World!!!!!!!!!!!

Your WILLPOWER is the strongest asset you have...it is what burns deep inside your soul giving you power to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You discovered your true purpose, and in doing so it overwhelmed you to the point of destroying all hope towards the human society. I have never fit in, my orgins are african decent yet I do not completely just have that in my blood or my image. I could pass for a couple of other races and because of this i am treated differently by different culture's. It hurts when one accepts something the other doesn't. As I grew up I then had a problem with my weight. I was never overwight but i have been chunky, and with the ridicule from the ones who were supposed to love me, I had hard times gaining and losing weight. Going into the school system destroyed me so many times, being labeled with their terms as if I was the alien. OCD, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, are just a few that were labeled at me as I grew. I felt alone because i cared about situations and events others didn't at my age. It hurt, alot...and to a point I was kicked out of my school because I said something I felt from the heart. A woman i respected died and i told a therapist from the school if i had 3 wishes i would revive her, bring hope and love to the world, and become the strongest man in the world...he called me crazy to my mom and sent me away ( mind you he was old ). I could've just given up being sent to the smaller type schools where they cut themselves and smoked at age 12 ( ciggerettes ) but I didn't. This fire burned inside me so hard I managed to prove to them all I did not belong there and as they realised it I managed to fight my way out of both grade's ( 10th and 11th ) into my orginal school for Senior year. As I came back i looked into the faces of all those who sent me away, who gave up on me, but i DIDN'T GIVE UP ON MYSELF!!! And ya know what, with all the limited resources i had I STILL GRADUATED!!! I was the only one to run on that stage and grab my diploma, smiled for the picture, and threw my hat in the air by myself beause I did it all by myself!! i didn't continue though because I felt I was over the school system and went straight to the work force....that is the point where I learned i wasn't human at all. My ability to pay attention to detail, to have a consistant habit for every job and not just because i started the first day, my need to help everyone on they task, still having the strength and energy to do mine. These things allowed me to further realise I wasn't the same. Instead of letting them tell me something was wrong because I had ADD, I USED THAT FOR POWER, TAKING THAT EXTRA RAW ENERGY WHEN I WAS SO TIRED AND REVIVED MYSELF TO CONTINUE ON TILL IT WAS OVER!! Instead of being an outcast because of my need to organize and clean ( OCD ), I used it to my advantage and always had a clean and organized area, especially in the food industry where I am still today. And as great as it was to overcome these disorders as they call them, I felt used by society. They learned about my stamia, my organization, my drive to finish until its done and used me...they used me so much without pay sometimes, cutting my hours, or firing me when i wasn't needed anymore..and it hurt man it did but I still continue because if I don't who will continue my life, my story...only I can do it and that is why I continue in their society..I smoke weed very heavily and only then as i work do I see the changes it does for me. My heart is unblocked from the pains of the past, my love is greater than ever, my WillPower burns harder and this is something others see all the time with me through my work. I have such ideas I can create them with my words, my heart, my hands and these are traits not many have. So because of this I fight to continue and I will not let them push me down or take what i know I have away from me. I have a global presence that will changed this entire world..I just need the chance to do so and I have to get that chance myself...just like you have to get yours back. Deepside your soul their is power that is waiting on you, take it, grasp it because you earned it all. Their laws, disorders and dualistic ways will not last for long. You have to pick up and continue on..because I believe in you! I always wanted to feel happy, to not feel alone, and it is only when I can help someone and feel their energy change that I am happy. This world is painful to me because of their actions and heartless ways..and this is why I am needed, I have to change this, and if I have to take on the government, if I have to have all my secrets exposed to the world, if I have to suffer in the process to get love inside their hearts then so be it, I will take that on with pride!! Their lies cannot reach this mind anymore...The V-chip, Martial Law, Project Blue Beam, 9/11, Blood sacrifice's, I know what they are, what their doing, and I believe i can stop them! but I cannot do it alone..Please find your desire to live, your purpose to continue!! Discovering this wasn't meant for to alienate yourself from them...it was meant for you to take hold of who you are and show them why you are here!!!!!!!! You cannot force yourself to do something, you have to feel it! Supreme Celestial Being, Empath, Starseed, I've been called alot but you can just call me Javohn! My heart is the source of my power and I will use it to awaken this world to the lies they been taught since birth! Discover the path you FEEL in your heart and take it because the money isn't the reason but the change it makes should be the reason!! I WON'T LET YOU GIVE UP...NOW GET UP AND SHOW THEM WHY YOU ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Adrian32, I hope this message helped you because it all came from my heart! My name is Javohn A Moultrie born December 6, 1985!
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Thank you your experiance is inspiring i feel much the same way i am different too i love everyone and i lost hope in humanity my insight is i see truth in the bs like corperations ads politics i see it clearly there lies deceit the way everything is. In society is very manipulative but i try to help by saying truths to people they think i am nuts but i know how i feel inside and i love everyone reguardless this world is extremely toxic to me

I can say this from the very bottom of my heart and top of my soul..thank you..thank you so much for this, i needed this and it came just at the right time! I can see though we are alike in many ways but never give up!! The truth is something people know nothing about because they aren't taught about it. Your awake to those lies like myself and a few others and in order to let our voices be heard we have to stand up!!! Being an empath for me is hard, always absorbing emotions that aren't mine, feelings imprinted from the past, and it is very toxic at times. Meditation is key to changing this feeling..We must strengthen ourselves both mind..body..soul and the WillPower that burns deep inside...THAT IS THE POWER..TRUE POWER EVERY HUMAN HAS!!! But mine..mine is stronger than most so I wonder at time's if I am human in spirit....Lets talk cause I feel once we do, you won't mind the crazy, crackpot, nuts comments.

Yeah i agree definatly love to chat contact me any time