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Star Seeds

Stars explodes and be reborn
timeless streams
Rivers of souls
Shining universe

Where is i can find my way?
On this planet i am a stray
Is there nowhere home
Is this the place where i was born?

There is nowhere to be
All is everywhere in and out of me
No where to go but now and here
Then why is it i long for more
I look at the stars and dream of home

My home is but a connection
Spirit's universal love and wisdom
Love of life and all that is
Find peace in every step I take
Breathing pollution into peace

Its hard its hard everyday
Not to forget and go astray
I want to rip this skin and fly
But then what there shall I find more than here?
There is no where to BE

All is a timeless hologram
All as been done, all is programmed
Heading for the black hole's horizon
The event singularity beyond comprehension

What am i here for?
What mysyery still lies to behold?
Was this universe made for enjoyment and fun?
I see no other higher reason under the sun..

But why then all this pain all thoses tears?
Why does this world resonate in such fear?
Is it something we forgot?
To love each others, to lift this world up?

We all are seeds of a dying star
What secret our ancestors layed there from afar?
Nothing is nowhere in eternity
All is everywhere in and out of me
Sealotus Sealotus 31-35, F 2 Responses Feb 5, 2013

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Your imagery is fantastic- and so is your intuition. "Rivers of souls", "I look at the stars and dream of home" (beautiful), "I want to rip this skin and fly", "all is a timeless hologram, all has been done, all is programmed" (totally agree), "what misery still lies to behold"... Great poetry.

Thank you very much!!

What am i here for? - To help others while you find your own way too?

I share your tears and share your questions too..

Love Gail

Love u!
Don't you think the ultimate purpose of the universe is to have fun?
I think of it.. And never saw a better reason at all.. What do you think?