ive known about myself being a starseed for a while and im a happy person i have a good life and i help people as much as i can but lately i feel a pull towards death, almost like i just dont know what im living for does that make sense? sure im here to guide people to better things but without the understannnding of why people eve exist on earth i have a hard time living aas one what are your opinions of this? ps, sorry for my grammar and spelling
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1 Response Aug 29, 2014

I sometimes get this feeling to, I'm not sure if it's really death you are looking for or if you are just homesick. I sometimes get this feeling like I need to escape my life like I need to get out, it's a hunger for something a deep hunger for escape and then I come to realize that travel isn't enough, running isn't enough, what I was to escape to isn't even on this planet and the only way I can think to relieve myself of this hunger is death. But then I quickly realize how selfish that would be of me, that I have a job to do, that I'm one of best one of the most generous and I came to earth for a reason. And I will fulfill that purpose, that is what I want more then to go home is to fulfill that need. I hope that helps a little bit lol