Very Confused Right Now!

please someone tell me what may be happening to me!.i  long time ago i thought i had a dream but it looks like it may have been astral projection.its happened a few times also having urges .i think its to do with the ascension but not sure.i feel im here for something but not sure what

pashator pashator
41-45, F
1 Response Oct 1, 2009

I know this was posted a few years ago, & that i don't know how far you have come since then, but i asure (i hope that's spelled right!) you that there is nothing to worry about!
If you were/are afraid of astral projection, please don't be! I do not know so much on this subject, i'll be honest, but i believe that this is a very healthy 'characterisitc' to possess.

It's more than okay to feel you want to do this or that, but not be sure on what these things are as everything is in hand! Even when things go 'wrong' in life, the full picture will always show you that everything is safe, & you will be happy. Just let go & learn to 'feel' your way around life, rather than 'think' your way around it :).
Remember, everything you do is supposed to be enjoyed, & you deserve that :)