Mr. House-hubby

I am a work-at-home house hubby 24/7.  I do all the cooking (I am the better chef), house cleaning, clothing cleaning {both washing & dry cleaning}, I buy the food, took care of our daughter who now can take care of herself thankfully.  Briefly, let me say this much -- I LOVE IT!  Running a household is true work, don't downgrade any wife as if she does not work, the good ones do, as do the good house husbands.  But when the work is organized properly, then the one at home has plenty of time to:

      1) run my from home business which brings in around $20,000 per year

      2) watch whatever movies on T.V. I want, plus I am devoted to the "Judge" shows, especially Judge Judy, but then I do so love a strong woman....

      3) in my case medicate with medical marijuana throughout the day

      4) spend time gadding about town seeking out new panties & lingerie for us to wear (yes I said both)

What kind of wife do I have?  Well #1 --- one that I am DEVOTED to faithfully.  #2 A wife that is highly motivated, she is currently working on her PhD, a computer certification & works full-time.  #3 I have a wife who is understanding, allows me my kinks & joins in them, appreciates me & builds me up even as a house-hubby.  Wearing panties in her eyes does not diminish my manhood or status, we both know who get's on top and who cleans-up afterwards, no conflict there.  In short we flow, our lifestyle works for us and has for close to 30 years.  Gotta run & make dinner, tonight we are having baked salmon with caramalized onions, cauliflower and vitamin water to drink (we are on the S. Beach Diet and man is it working -- I am down 2 panty sizes --- big panty sale to come).

PantyPrince PantyPrince
51-55, M
Feb 16, 2010