Sahg By Choice

I hate to think about what my parent's must think of this life I have chosen for myself. I don't work. I live with my boyfriend of almost 4 years. I stopped going to college about a year ago. Let me explain.

I first moved in with my boyfriend during the summer of 2010 I think. Living with him was just easier and better than living with my parents. My boyfriend lived an hour and fifteen minutes away so naturally, me being a naive 19 year old, I chose to live with him over my parents. At first I continued to go to school but my commute was an hour and a half. After the semester was over I "took a break" fully intending on transferring to a school closer to where my boyfriend lived. I soon discovered that my parent's could no longer pay for my college education so my break turned into a longer break while I figured out what to do. I desperately didn't want to acquire any debts from school loans so I decided I would work first and try to save up for college.

I had never worked before so not many places would hire me. Desperate, I took a job at McDonald's. It sucked. Working minimum wage, I barely saved up anything for college. Plus my boyfriend was absolutely hopeless at housework. He's a real estate investor and barely has to leave home to make money, so while I was working 6-8 hours a day, he would be sitting on his butt all day not doing anything but I still had to do all the housework. That infuriated me.

I was the one working and I had to do all the housework and cooking?!

Nothing against my boyfriend; our arrangement when I moved in was that I would be the one taking care of the house, but still, being the one that had to go out and work at a job, while he effortlessly made WAY more than me and sat at home all day doing nothing to help me out made no sense to me. I quit my job shortly before I turned 21. Best present to myself ever.

I figured that at a minimum wage job it would take me years to save up enough for even one semester of college and seeing as I was making way less money than my boyfriend and being the only doing actual labor and housework, I might as well stay home and do the housework. My plan changed. My boyfriend was getting into some new real estate investing, things that I, someone with no money could potentially do.

My plan now is to continue being a house girlfriend and learn all I can from my boyfriend about real estate and then when I'm ready, try my hand at that.
MsLynnsky MsLynnsky
18-21, F
May 18, 2012