18 Years Young And A Sahg.

Okay Well, Im 18 Soon To Be 19. My Boyfriend Is Soon To Be 22, I Lived With Him For A Year Now. Ive Never Had A Job, Ever. Ive Had eveerything Handed To Me My Whole Life. Plus, My StepDad Always Went Out And Worked To Support The Family Of My Mother, And 4 Kids. So Ive Grown Up Thinking Thats Whats Supposed To Happen, Men Are The Workers. I Would Like To Get A Job But Nobody Will Hire Me. I Havent Finished Hs , But My Boyfriend Does Everything For Me, Buys Wat I Need, Sometimes Want. Takes Me Out To Eat, Like He Does Alot. Is This Normal Or Will He Eventually Get Tired Of It ?
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Staying at home is a option when the man has a really good income. But would be smart of you get ready for hard times or give yourself options.
Go get a diploma and a college degree!

You are correct that being stay at home is traditional. There is nothing wrong with that. Usually the one who stays at home takes care of the home. Contribute where you can. Be appreciative. Try to get a job if you want (or need) to. Do what you think is right; that's all you can do.

well perhaps you could expand education or technical training. If you want a job anyway. I'd explore it if you want it. It's also fine not to want it if others consent, but if you want to explore this, do...you owe that to yourself