An Idea To Help At Bath Time...

I ued to have a hard time with my boys at bath time but thats not an issue anymore so i thought id share my quick fix with other stay at home mom's.

to make bath more fun, I got a multi box of food clolring and added about five drops (or more) to each bath. Each night was a new color.
I would then go through the bath toys we had and pick out toys of only that color if i could.

This did a few things.
One, my son was excited to get a new color each time and that was fun because it helped him learn the names of colors.

Two, it helped keep the bath toys exciting for him because they didnt get over played with.

I hope this helps!! It sure made bath time go much better at my house!

P.S. The food colors i used never got his skin stained- even when i used strong colors like blue or red and added over half the little bottle.But i would test them out slowly so to be sure you dont end up with a smirf. :) I just got the cheepest box my store had. ($1.50) And tha box would last a few weeks before i got another.
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1 Response Jul 23, 2010

Great idea! I'd never thought of food colouring before! I'll be sure to try this.