And I Think That It's Enough . . . For Now

Hello friends! I have my degree in teaching - BA in Elementary Education certified to teach grades K-8. Unfortunately, I graduated in December of 2008 and there is not an abundance of teaching careers open near me right now. We are super poor - like less than 25K last year was our income and we are a family of 4. Therefore, everybody (my husband, my parents, his parents, my grandparents, my aunt, etc.) feels that I should be working somehow to support this family. I have tried to get a job - both in the teaching field as well as out. Nobody has hired me, and frankly - I'm kinda glad. My oldest son just turned 8 and is in 2nd grade. He was also born with a cleft lip and palate and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrom last year. He is a wonderful, brilliant child, with some special needs. My youngest son is 4 and a half. Next year he (my baby) will start Kindergarten and we will begin a whole new chapter of our lives!

For now though, these are just some of the things I do on a regular basis: clip coupons, plan meals, grocery shop, prepare meals, wash dishes, do laundry for everyone in the household, plan - doctors, dentists, and other necessary appointments; you get the picture, right?! I also read to my kids every night at bedtime, try to sit down as a family for dinner at the table every night, stop what I'm doing to play with them, and I certainly tell them at least once everyday, that I love them!

A lot of people in my life think that I don't do a whole lot. But I think that I do enough, for now. Anyways, I'm doing the best that I can, what more can you expect?

Thank you for reading my story ♥
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I think you are doing an wonderful job and being a parent is a fulltime job within itself and I really would like to say congrats on obtaining a teaching degree.Yes it can be hard when there's not much for employment out there and from one mother to another when you think you are down and out just remember you will always have your family there supporting you to the fullest. So people you know are to quick to judge and they may think they have the right to say what's what. But truth be told they can not say or judge on what's what because they have not walked a mile in your shoe's to know what's it like to go through what you are experiencing day in and day out everyday. Also remember you are not here to please others with such high expectations on you. You are here for your children and your family this is what matters the most despite what people may expect from you. As parent's these are the reasons why we living and breathing for our kids and families that makes life worth living for. You are one heck of a trooper and you are stronger than you think just keep doing what you do that's all that matters.

not many jobs out there these days...keep up the good work on the home front..(",)