I Have No Life Outside Of My Kids...

I am a stay at home mother of 2 with one on the way. Although I love my children I barely get any breaks or personal time for myself. This has came to affect my social life, self-esteem, appearance and unfortunatly love life. I am 25 years old and am working on my BA in Human Services online. This seems to be my only hope for furture progression because without school I feel like my life isn't going anywhere. I love the quality time I get to spend with my children but, I often feel overwhelmed, stressed, alone and out of touch. I try to stay positive and be thankful for the support I have in my fiance' but he works all day and barely show me any affection once he gets home. I am sad and tense most of the time and I know its because I don't get any breaks from the kids and the pregnancy is playing a huge role with it as well. I have no life outside of my kids and I don't think that's healthy at all...
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I hear you. People say "take me time" but its easier said than done. My husband works all week and barely helps with housework. I am working on my MBA online and that seems to be my "me" time...writing papers and doing homework. <br />
I need a break too....

Dear stay at home mom, the thing that makes you such an honorable person in this busy world is your sacrifice. Being a mom may seem to go unnoticed, unappreciated and unpayed. You will not be mom of the month or get special parking at the grocery store or a special bonus for doing a good job. What you will get......and no online class or college degree can give you,is a deep and strong understanding of who you are and what your really made of. I can promise you that what your doing right now is the most important job in in your life and to the life of your children. Your a great model to them and your sacrifices will carry on in them and make this a better world. One last note, dont wait for someone to give you a much needed break ( you work hard every minute of the day and sometimes night) TAKE "your time" because you need to regain your thoughts and get back in balance to rasie your family.

sometimes...if i m able to, justt aking a shower with just me in it, no babies, and take the time to shave, and wash my hair, lotion up afterwards..and enjoy it, really changes how i feel about myself. But you know...taking a shower with out a baby, or having enough time to shave...ha that only happens once a month maybe.

I can understand what you're talking about. I only have one little one, but I don't have a life outside of home. I'm a SAHM in the country, we don't have a lot of extra money and with gas what it is Baby and I don't really go anywhere except grocery shopping twice per month. My husband works 7 days per week from dawn to dusk so I don't see him much or get to spend much time with him either. It's hard and it sucks so much. I'm hoping to start school again in January to feel like I've accomplished something (online of course). Good luck.

you need to get away for a few hours