This Is The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

I think that becoming a stay at home mom is really hard nowadays, especially for those of us who have formed our circle of friends at work. It is just so isolating, and really hard work. Does everyone else's husband or partner seem to think that they don't have to help with the kids or the errands or the housework, because 'you have the whole day to get it done'? Like I've read in many stories here, it is really hard not to lose your whole self. I hope I can find myself again when my youngest goes to preschool next year.
sorella97 sorella97
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

Me too! 13 years of my life. 5 kids. It's been a sacrifice. I know it's an important job but ugh, somedays I get tired. No pay, not always appreciated, no free time. Yes, sometimes I wonder, is it all worth it?

I agree. I am losing my mind at home though. My little girl is 6 months tomorrow and my boyfriend doesn't necessarily think he doesn't have to help he just doesn't do anything until I ask him to. But I am so mentally exhausted that at times I can't even clean, or cook.

Just try to remember soon they will be in school and you can have time to relax.